What One Doctor Discovered That Changed His Entire Perspective

Last weekend, Dr. Jack Von Bulow and a group of fellow dentists gathered for a weekend seminar in Atlanta. Each doctor was from a different walk of life, a different city, and a different situation, but all had one thing in common… They needed clarity.

As the CEO and Founder of the Scheduling Institute, I’ve had 25 years of experience working with thousands of doctors around the world. I’m grateful for the opportunity to impact such a hardworking group of people, especially those that are eager to grow. At the Strengths Building Seminar last weekend, I spent 27 hours helping this group to unlock self-clarity because there are two things I’ve learned about reaching your success potential. 1) You have to understand your strengths and innate modes of operation. 2) You have to advertise your weaknesses.

If you can learn to do these two things, it will transform you.

When Dr. Jack Von Bulow got home from my weekend seminar, he felt so passionate about the experience that he wrote about it in a blog post, which I’ve copied below.


Atlanta Mirrors Don’t Lie

So it’s been a while since I’ve spent some quality hours at Atlanta’s Airport Marriott and a training day or two across the street at Jay Geier’s Scheduling Institute.

And the Scheduling Institute tag doesn’t really do justice to everything happening inside. There’s way more than scheduling going on and the service, furnishings, and planning are more in line with the Ritz Carlton than the Ritz Institute.

Before I ever acted upon the stream of “Scheduling Institute” emails I received almost every day, I envisioned the joint as some kind of monolith with bars on the windows that kept frustrated dental front office peeps from escaping and using their unfilled appointment books as semi-dangerous weapons.

It wasn’t until I actually saw Geier in the flesh that we immediately signed up for some training.

I had had a total epiphany years earlier when I realized how much I loved serving others. Looking back, nothing had been more fulfilling than helping out my parents; being their health advocate and being there as a source of love, reassurance, and support when they really needed it. No one has ever called me a quick study and basically, I had to lose everyone closest to me before I could look back and figure things out.

Since 2010, my trips to Atlanta have transformed dreams into distinct possibilities and if I get out of the way…realities. I’ve actually learned how to save money. I’ve even been fitted with training wheels on how to give my wonderful team the structure they need; I’ve gulped…and finally provided my team the latitude to take on more responsibility and grow. We know how to hire people who are just the right fit for adoption into our family and I’ve actually delegated that responsibility. Courtesy of Geier, who walks the talk, I’ve been given the tools to create a road map to an ideal and the means to make that ideal a model…and I’ve always realized the only obstacle is me.

This time around, the double play combination of Atlanta International-to-Marriott-to-Geier was all about a mirror. And if you’ve never drawn up your life story on a large clean piece of paper mounted on an easel, I highly recommend the art work.

We were armed with markers and erasers and some technology. The technology printed out instinctive behavior and natural strengths. And the image in the mirror wasn’t THAT ugly…but it sure was crystal clear. That mirror unmistakably revealed who I was…and what was holding me back …as well the people I love and serve.

I’d like to think I’ve left a few things on the second floor of the Scheduling Institute in Atlanta. Fear, doubt, and lack of accountability weren’t even a glimmer when it came to what I needed to do for my parents. And if I truly serve the people I love, including co-workers and patients alike; and if I truly see them all in the context of family…it’s really time to learn from the past, leave it there, and grow up and be the man I was for my mom and dad.

Driving home on Highway 105 out of LAX, I thought back to a conversation I once had with Walter Hailey, a Texas millionaire mentor who basically inspired me to remain in dentistry. Walter called me one afternoon just to see how I was doing; I replied, “I’m doin’ great, what about you Walter?” “Jack, I’m drivin’ down the road but I’m feelin’ so good I can’t even feel the tires touchin’ it.”

Major thanks to Jay and the crew, looking forward to next month and another learning trip to possibilities and Atlanta.


Every single day, I receive empowered testimonials and thank you notes from members like Dr. Jack Von Bulow. They remind the entire team here at the Scheduling Institute of our purpose, our vision, and our reason for getting up in the morning. We are here to change lives, and it all starts with providing clarity. It really is that simple. Call 866-917-2808 to join thousands of dentists and orthodontists who are working less, making more money, and having more fun practicing than ever before.

Visit http://www.schedulinginstitute.com/ to learn more about my strategies for success and why YOU should make the life-changing phone call.

To see Dr. Jack Von Bulow’s original blog post, go to http://patch.com/california/arcadia/atlanta-mirrors-dont-lie-0#.VBCGVmSwLT5. 

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Fireproofing Your Finances Against Disaster

If you’ve ever lived in an apartment, you know the risk associated with having totally careless neighbors.

Imagine that it’s raining, it’s cold outside, who knows— they decide they really just HAVE to smoke a cigarette inside. Well, thanks to that little cigarette, your place could burn to the ground in the middle of the night. UNLESS…

There’s a firewall.

At Financial Freedom Weekend, you’ll hear me go into great depth on why you need to build a firewall between your PERSONAL and your PRACTICE finances. It absolutely drives me crazy when people think it is OK to mix these up together…  Honestly, at this point in your career, you simply CAN’T have money flowing back and forth between the two.

Expansion occurs when things are separate. If you treat your business like its own entity, you’re giving it the necessary space to grow and flourish.

But if you mix it up with your personal finances, you are bungling the opportunity for growth. 

You need to keep it clean, or else when someone goes to sell your business one day, it’s not going to look like it is worth ANYTHING! Hypothetical scenario. You say you’re making X dollars and you are really making 2X dollars per year. What you’re doing is taking a BIG portion off the record— maybe your accountant even advised it— and you think you are saving yourself from tons of taxes.

You probably think no one’s ever going to catch you. Let me tell you something: those are dirty dirty books. It really is going to catch up to you one day. And the sad part is, you will have brought it upon yourself.

I learned my lesson recently about dealing with bunglers. I invested a good chunk of money to become a partner in a private company, and I found out that the owner had spent money from the business account on HER PERSONAL expenses.

I was absolutely livid.

You will never, ever, ever see me working with someone that commingles their business and personal funds. Never. I just won’t do it.

Some of you are working five days a week, losing sleep, are constantly stressed out, and you just CAN’T give full attention to your Practice finances. It isn’t intentional; it’s just the way things are. I understand that. But do you know what happens next? You end up commingling funds from BOTH areas of your life, and you make a big mess of both areas.

It is incredibly difficult to assess your own financial situation— honestly and CLEARLY—because you are just too EMOTIONALLY invested. Your family depends on you… Your Practice depends on you…. Your future retirement depends on you.. You have way too much on your plate.

That’s where my Financial Freedom Weekend comes into play.

What you really need is an outsider— someone who can look in and tell you the authentic truth about your situation. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I’m just going to tell you what you NEED to do. I’m going to give you proven strategies to get your accounts in order, and to clean up your messy funds. I’m going to get you and your spouse on the same page so that you have one less stress-factor in your lives.

That’s why you came to me to start with, isn’t it?

At Financial Freedom Weekend, I will help you to FIREPROOF your finances by creating necessary separations and systems of accountability. Do this favor for yourself— call our team at 866-917-2808 to reserve your seat at the Financial Freedom Weekend in January ’15. I’ll see you there.


Until next time,


Jay Geier

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PODIATRIST writes about the Scheduling Institute

Dr. Patrick Deheer, a Podiatrist and client of the Scheduling Institute, just sent us a link of a blog he just wrote about the Scheduling Institute. CLICK HERE to read it.

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Jay Talks About Patient Referrals

This is LIVE coverage from a Gold Plus Marketing Workshop this past Friday. Jay talks about the Patient Referral triggers that you may not always think of. For more information on Gold Plus, contact us at 877.207.9407.

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Get your Patient to SAY YES!

Don’t miss your chance to join Jay Geier and Dr. Robert Cialdini sharing how you can get patients to Stay, Pay, & Refer!  NEVER HEAR NO AGAIN!!  Only Yes, Yes, Yes!


Conversion & Compliance 2.0 Event
June 10-11, 2011 in Atlanta, GA
Visit www.ConversionAndCompliance.com to Register TODAY!

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Details to come SOON! Keep watching to find out more.

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Take the next step to grow your practice!

Watch the video below to learn about our many levels of membership…then read on to take the next step!

This fall we will be opening up our new 8,000 square foot training center. Just like you should be, I am constantly increasing my capacity to help clients. With this addition, we are now able to accept more Platinum members. There are 20 seats available in our first “Training Center” Platinum group.

We also have 7 spots left in our Platinum Plus program — if you net over $500K per year you may be eligible for this elite group.

Get involved today to setup 2011 as your Best Year Ever! Call Jenna at 770-650-1328 or email her at jenna@schedulinginstitute.com to get started.

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