Find Out How Dr. Bob Lalor Attracts Over 400 Patients Per Month


When Jay first asked me to write a guest blog, I honestly felt a bit overwhelmed. When you work with doctors every week and see the growth that their practices experience, and the wonderful change that brings to their lives, the lives of their team members, and of their families–well, it’s hard to put all of that in words. It’s hard to express the enormity of the dramatic results we see everyday, and how rich that makes us feel.

I wanted to somehow capture how important this job is to me, and what exactly we do at the Scheduling Institute… And for the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to do it all justice.

But it finally came to me. I will never be able to do justice to– in my own words–the impact of what we do. I’m not a writer. I know that a lot of people reading this are skeptics, but all I can say is… This is the one most important chance that you have in your entire life. This is the time to get fed up with mediocrity… With being bored… And to start doing something exciting and meaningful that will give you the future you deserve. So, let me tell you the story of one of my favorite clients, Dr. Bob Lalor, and allow his story to do the talking.

“Thank you for an exceptional experience! The highest of standards are exhibited with this practice. Professional, attentive, and informative every step of the way. Highly recommended!”

-Jose O. Owego, NY

“I felt like I was receiving the VIP treatment every step of the way. There is a level of service and customer care at Lalor that I have not experienced anywhere else!”

James B. Endwell, NY

“I have been in the service business for 47 years. You folks have mastered the art of customer service that I have preached about for years. BRAVO! Just outstanding. Thank you for the service. See you soon. ” 

-Tony B. Binghamton, NY

These are just a few of the raving reviews for Dr. Bob Lalor and the rest of the team at Lalor Family Dental.

So, do you want to know their secret? How, within two years, they were able to recruit 34 new team members, open a second location, create an in-house lab, and surpass their goal of 400 patients per month? (And no, that’s not a typo!)

My first hint is: Lalor Family Dental is doing a whole LOT of things right. Firstly, they make their patients feel like royalty with new patient gifts, televisions in each treatment room, pillows and headphones, and delicious refreshments. And I’m not just talking your standard cold beverages… This incredible Practice offers each of their patients freshly baked, warm chocolate chip cookies as they wait for their appointment! Can you say “WOW”?

But the “red carpet treatment” doesn’t stop there! Lalor Family Dental continues to put patients first by offering convenient appointment times (early morning, evening, and even Saturdays), whole family appointments, same-day emergency visits, and a myriad of services to cover every need—including general dentistry, orthodontics, teeth whitening, and more!

In case you haven’t figured out their not-so-secret recipe for raving fans and financial success, I’ll go ahead and say it outright… This office has perfected the patient-centric model! They’ve earned the lifetime loyalty of many, many patients thanks to their personal and exceptional approach. Dr. Lalor and his team of superstars even take the time to plan fun and engaging Patient Appreciation Events—like renting out the theatre for a free movie night and free concessions for 2,000+ patients!

I’m even more proud to tell you that this office’s generosity isn’t limited to their patients. They are also very generous in their donations to a number of organizations in their community—including the Boys and Girls Club Foundation, Davis College, The Retired Professional Firefighters Cancer Fund, Project Paw, and over 80 others. They take personal pride in offering a Free Dental Care Day to their community each year, and in serving the local Habitat for Humanity Chapter with their time and energy. Dr. Lalor’s team also puts a high value on education, and they are known to volunteer their time in classrooms—teaching children and teens about proper dental care and the adverse affects of neglecting your oral health.


As you can imagine, the dentists who share locations with these two phenomenal Lalor Family Dental offices must be having a very difficult time competing! But this office’s outstanding success comes as no surprise to me… From the first day that Dr. Lalor became a Scheduling Institute member, it was clear to me that his vision was centered on perfecting patient care and positively impacting as many people as possible—from his patients to his team members. I could see even then that Dr. Lalor was going to redefine the standard for high engagement.

It all started when Dr. Lalor saw Jay speak at a local event. Back then, the Scheduling Institute was just gathering momentum—we didn’t even offer On-Site Trainings! But when Dr. Lalor heard Jay’s message, he had an unmistakable “ah-ha” moment; he realized that he wasn’t yet reaching his full potential.

So, he immediately purchased the Self Study Kit. What’s more important—he had the discipline and drive necessary to implement the strategies in his office! Using the 5 Star Telephone System, his team began to maximize their telephone interactions with each new patient…. And soon, they saw a dramatic spike in their new patient numbers!

Alright… here’s my side note.

THE #1 MOST IMPORTANT THING to understand about engagement is that you need to be consistent. It is much more difficult to gather momentum when you are building and growing your business than it is to kill that momentum—which means that one reckless comment or bad meeting can ruin months of hard work and instantly take your team’s attitude from stellar to sour…

It is also important to remember that you can’t work extremely hard for one year, achieve great results—and then stop. It just doesn’t work that way!

That’s why Dr. Lalor has been with the Scheduling Institute for over ten years.

He has fixed his sights on a goal, and he is in it for the long haul. He didn’t just join for the Self Study Kit or for one telephone training, and then drop off the radar… He didn’t call the Scheduling Institute with hundreds of excuses and “I can’t afford it’s”. In fact, he works harder and harder every single year, and his results continued to increase exponentially. They are still increasing to this day!

Dr. Lalor recently purchased his third location, hired an anesthesiologist, upgraded his Practice management software, and moved his scheduling center to a new, different location. And if that sounds like a lot of work…. Well, you’re right! It IS a lot of work to be one of the top Practices, but it is also incredibly rewarding.

Dr. Lalor is now a part of our exclusive 5X membership. “It’s got me thinking bigger—bigger goals—and forced me to push myself. I have some things going on now that I never would have thought could happen,” he says. It couldn’t hurt to take a book from his page, right?

So, I’ll end with this… Some advice to anyone who’s considering stepping up their engagement—straight from the horse’s mouth:

“It’s worth it. I’ve gotten so much more out of the Scheduling Institute than I’ve paid for—at every single level, from Self Study Kit, to Platinum, to 5X. I have had exponential financial returns. So I’d say, join depending on where you are and what you need, and just continue to step up your engagement as you go along.”

–Dr. Bob Lalor

If your Practice has started to just feel like another boring job, and your results are stagnant, then listen up!!

It’s time for a change.

This is too important to NOT get it right… Because you don’t get a second chance at life.

It’s time to increase your engagement, your patient care, your impact, and your results– production, collections, new patients, EVERYTHING!

Call 866-917-2808 today, and my team and I will help you to take the next step on the journey to reaching your full potential…. It’s what we LOVE to do!!!

Thanks for reading! (I can be a bit long-winded!) I hope you’ll keep checking the blog for updates and information, and check out our website as well! (Pro tip: The “free practice rating” on our website is a GREAT place to start if you’re looking to increase your engagement immediately.)


Scheduling Institute Member Services

Are You Lying to Yourself About Your Commitments?


Over the years, many doctors have come to me and said, “Jay, I’d like to get more new patients.” Let me tell you: that is one of my absolute favorite things to hear! Do you know how many doctors just don’t get how important new patients are to the growth and success of their practice? It’s unreal! So, when someone comes to me about new patients of their own volition, needless to say—I’m super psyched.

So, naturally, I say, “Okay! Yeah! Let’s get started!” I let them know that we’re going to need to train their front desk person—let’s say her name is Mary— and get her started using my proven, results-backed system instead of her old system. It makes sense right? Serious results require you to increase your engagement. Serious results require change. If we’ve perfected a system that has gotten incredible results in thousands of offices around the world– a system that some people even say “changed their lives” (I know that sounds dramatic but I’m dead serious!!)–then why the heck wouldn’t you want to use it?

Well, let me tell you what I see happen time and time again. The doctor delivers this message to Mary, and she becomes immediately defensive. She thinks I’m trying to say she isn’t a good worker. She doesn’t want to make changes. So, she tells her doctor, “I’m not going to do that! My way works fine! Etc. etc. etc.” Before you know it, the doctor no longer wants to participate! He wants nothing more to do with my new patient program.

But of course I know exactly what’s going on. I can see that this doctor doesn’t have the correct commitment.

Let’s dig a little deeper into this issue. What was the doctor’s actual commitment?

  • He was committed to making Mary happy even if it meant going bankrupt.
  • He was committed to not ruffling any feathers.
  • He was committed to being comfortable and “safe”.
  • He was committed to a non-confrontational existence.

Okay, well that’s fine! But here’s the deal…

You will not grow your business if these are your commitments. If I were to meet with you today, I could interview you for half an hour and discover all of your commitments. I could look at your schedule, your finances, interview your family and your staff—all of these things would reveal your true commitment. It might be much different than you say it is… Is it all about the clinical work? Is it about not disrupting a sensitive staff member? Or is it about growing your business, pushing your boundaries, and reaching your full potential?

The point is, you need to stop making excuses and commit to doing whatever it takes.

If you come to me saying, “I want more new patients,” I promise that I can get you there. My team and I have done it thousands of times. But you have to be COMMITTED to the results and to following through on the process. You have to be committed to growing. Because if you think about the things you’ve truly committed to in your life, you’ll realize you’ve been—for the most part—extremely successful in these areas. Your Practice, income, etc. match up to your level of commitment.

So ask yourself, do you have a commitment problem? Do you need to re-examine your true commitments?

I’ll leave you with that thought for today. I hope you’re having a productive week!

Talk to you soon.


Jay Geier

How to Set Your Practice Apart (Some Advice from a Scheduling Institute Trainer)


Hey everyone! :) I’m Marianne, one of the Scheduling Institute’s Certified Trainers. I was recently forwarded a thank you note (below) from a doctor who I had the pleasure of helping on his last trip to a Scheduling Institute event in Phoenix. The whole interaction sparked some introspection that I’d like to share.

What exactly does being patient-centric mean to you? I’ve talked to a whole lot of different doctors at trainings and events, and if you’re like most of your colleagues, you probably think you couldn’t do a better job of being patient-centric. You’re at 100%. And chances are, you are trying and your heart’s in the right place! But being patient-centric is much more than just a line in your mission statement… It’s an entire attitude adjustment! You should be putting your patients’ needs and convenience before your own… Every. Single. Time.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitely slipped up sometimes (many times) and put myself first before, but I think that I’m getting better and better at being client-centric every day. Just like any other habit, practice makes perfect–and working for a company like the Scheduling Institute gives me a LOT of practice. I’ve never worked with a group of people that are so driven by this idea of IMPACT and the greater good. Seriously, it inspires me on a daily basis.

The reason Dr. Rahamut’s letter meant so much to me is because it reminded me that I’ve found my dream job– working with doctors like you and finding ways to make your lives better and more rewarding. I get to go to work every day knowing that I am making a difference, and I’m not exaggerating when I say that the gratitude I receive from doctors after a training is worth more to me than any payment.

I’ve attached Dr. Rahamut’s letter. If you are looking to get involved with a coaching and training company that puts your needs first every single time… Take it from me. I’ve never seen a company that is as client-centric as the Scheduling Institute. We LOVE working with doctors. We pride ourselves on your awesome results. And we hope that you will give us a chance to show you why everyone is talking about us!!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 4.51.14 PM

You can reach me or one of the other Scheduling Institute team members at 866-917-2808. Ask for more information about our trainings– (I’d love to come visit your office!!)

Hope to hear from you soon! :)


Scheduling Institute Certified Training Specialist

Wrapping My Head Around the Big Picture (interview excerpt)


Sometimes I find myself focusing far too much on the tiny details–financial aspects of growing my business, what steps to take next, mistakes I see in hindsight, or opportunities for improvement–and I forget to keep my eye on the “Big Picture”.

I was recently interviewed for a practice growth magazine, and after the interview, I realized that the entire interview experience–telling my story to someone who didn’t know me–helped me to wrap my head around the whole story at once. The Big Picture. I actually wanted to hug the guy that interviewed me because I was so excited about it.

The past few months have been pretty hectic for me, so it’s more important than ever that I’m intentionally thinking about my path… How I got here, where I am, and where I’m going. And it has GOT to be intentional… If you don’t slow down and appreciate the journey that you’re on, it’ll be over before you know it.

Below is an excerpt from the soon-to-be-published interview. Maybe it will help you to understand a little better what exactly the Scheduling Institute does, and how we can help you.

Q: A lot of doctors know you as “that guy who sends a ton of marketing”. What would you say to these doctors? How would you describe what your company does?

A: The truth is, a lot of people assume I’m a scam artist when actually, I’ve been analyzing Practices for over 25 years now, which means I’ve literally worked with tens of thousands of doctors and team members around the world. I realized a while back that I wanted to work with doctors because most doctors are overworked, under-earning and not living up to their God-given potential. I just saw a huge opportunity for exploding that industry and taking doctors to a whole new level of success. My company, the Scheduling Institute, starts the process by engaging and training the doctor’s team—a Practice’s largest overhead expense—and turning them into this secret weapon. All we have to do is help them unlock the solution to extreme growth.

The Scheduling Institute has a unique ability to physically send trainers into offices anywhere in the world every single day. Actually, I recently got the exciting news that we’ve officially completed our 10,000th team training! And we are receiving an absolute outpouring of positive feedback from all the offices we’ve trained—the positive results are flooding our inboxes, and we love it.


Q: You mentioned unlocking “the solution to extreme growth”. Can you explain what you mean by that?

A: New patients are 100% the key to unlocking a Practice’s full potential. It’s that simple. I’ve devoted countless magazine articles, seminars and workshops to really digging into and exposing this one concept because it is hands down the biggest missed opportunity in the industry. It’s the whole concept that the Scheduling Institute was founded upon. Doctors are literally losing hundreds of thousands of dollars every year because they aren’t investing the time, energy and money into making new patients their number one priority. Let me put it this way: the Scheduling Institute can add 10 to 60 percent more new patients to a Practice with little or no changes in their marketing or advertising by simply leveraging their team. It all starts with training each team to understand the importance of new patients and to maximize their new patient process. It definitely takes an inside experience to truly “get” what we do, but just know that we’ve cracked the code and for any that doctor that wants to grow his Practice—I’m telling you, it all starts with new patients.

Q: What exactly does the Scheduling Institute do to generate new patients?

A: We don’t generate new patients, we actually recover patients that each Practice is currently losing, but don’t even know about. Ninety-eight percent of new patients call before coming into the office. This means a doctor’s front desk staff is a patient’s first impression and the “gate-keeper” to the schedule. If the staff is trained properly, they could be serious revenue producers in the Practice and help to increase new patients. But if not, they could be costing more than just their salary or hourly rate.

Q: When did you realize that new patients were the key to unlocking a Practice’s success potential?

A: When I was in my early twenties, I worked as the Marketing Director for a midsized Practice in Atlanta, the Sparlin Chiropractic Clinic. I remember realizing one day that the phones were ringing a ton, but for some reason, we weren’t booking very many new patients… Which meant there was some sort of disconnect happening on the phones. So, I started listening to all of the phone calls that came through the Practice. I developed a strategic system for answering the phones, a formula that would maximize that first interaction with the potential patient. What happened next was completely surreal. Within one week of using my new system, the Practice scheduled over 600 new patients—a new patient world record. So that got me thinking, and I came up with the idea for the Scheduling Institute. It hit me how important and groundbreaking this would be for so many Practices, and I didn’t want to keep that secret solution to myself. I’ll admit it… I wanted to change the world!

Q: It sounds like you were very ambitious from an early age. How did you get started on that path?

A: When I was 18, my mentor, Dr. Alan Goodwin, and I developed a board game that was designed to help kids make positive life decisions. It was called Drugs and Alcohol: Play it Straight. It sounds simple, but at the time, drug prevention was just emerging as a major national issue. We ended up selling the game to school systems around the country to use as a tool, and we successfully sold over a million dollars worth. I was really proud of the game and what it stood for, but I also learned a lesson about the power of marketing at a relatively early age because of this experience. It imprinted me with this desire to make a difference in the world, and that has never gone away.


Q: Could you give us a little taste of the big picture? How do you see the Scheduling Institute making a measurable difference in the world?

A: I guess it might help to start by explaining that I don’t have to do this job. I’ve been financially capable of retirement since I was 18, and I could buy anything that a person could possibly want. I don’t say that to sound arrogant; it’s just the truth. But on my own, I can’t touch all the lives that I want to touch. On my own, I can’t affect the amount of people around the world that I want to affect. In fact, I can impact the most people by doing this exact job— by helping doctors to become incredibly successful.

The big picture is the long-term growth of each Practice, but the BIGGER picture is giving. Generosity. We encourage all of our clients to give back to their communities, and we lead by example. If I help thousands upon thousands of doctors to become extremely financially successful, and then challenge them to give back to their communities, they are creating ripples throughout their communities, even in ways that can’t be measured.

Imagine 100 successful businesspeople in one city giving back ten percent to the community. Ten percent of $100,000 is $10,000, multiplied by 100… That’s a million dollars! By personally giving back to my community, encouraging my team to give back, inspiring my clients to give back, and training THEIR teams to give back—I’m working to created a domino effect of impact. Impact that is enormous and ongoing.

Another big picture goal is to help these doctors work less while making more. So yes, they’ll meet their financial goals. Yes, they’ll be well-known in their communities; they’ll enjoy life to its fullest… But they’ll also get to be with their families. Because people don’t get a second chance for that. I’ve realized that everything changes when people have the time to devote to their families— their relationships are richer, they are happier, even their Practices become more successful! So that’s what we are really all about. And I can tell you, my team and I are incredibly passionate about what we do… Which is why we consistently have such incredible results with all of our clients.

If you are interested in learning more about the Scheduling Institute, or are ready to try something new that will take your Practice to the next level, call 866-917-2808 today! My team will be more than happy to answer your questions and get you started on the very exciting journey to transforming your team, your Practice, your results, and your life.

Enjoy your summer and stay productive!


Jay Geier

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Are You Up to the Ritz-Carlton Challenge?


No matter what you see in magazines or read on message boards, there is only one “get rich quick” scheme that you can implement immediately and see results. Ready?

You have to consistently over-deliver to your patients. Over-deliver, over-deliver, over-deliver.

Over-delivery means giving the patient or customer more in service value than they give you in dollar value. You can’t expect to get rich by giving a patient exactly what they paid for. That’s simply called meeting expectations! And meeting expectations is definitely not going to get you that boatload of referrals you dream about. You’ve got to WORK for those referrals. You’ve got to earn them by becoming the best of the best.

To put it bluntly, if your Practice is not prospering, then you’re NOT over-delivering. Period.

If you were, I guarantee that your patients would be paying you back (plus some!) in lifelong loyalty and referrals. The proof would be sitting right there in your bank account. So, if your bank account’s stagnant or dwindling, I’m sorry, but… You aren’t quite knocking it out of the park.

But hold on—this is the fun part. Let’s say you admit it. You realize that it’s time to make some changes… What you’ve been doing for the last five or ten years just isn’t bringing any exciting growth or wealth to your Practice. So, are you ready to get started?

(If you’re just skimming over the page, STOP HERE!!!! PAY ATTENTION! This is the MOST important tip that I can possibly give you… One that’s neglected by most offices and will supercharge your referrals. So listen up!)

You and your staff need to give off the impression that you exist for the sole purpose of making each new patient as comfortable and happy as possible. For the entire time that they are inside your office building. It doesn’t matter what mood you’re in, or if you’d rather poke your eye out than deal with people… Your whole team had better act like that patient is God’s greatest gift to Earth and make sure you serve that person’s every need. THAT is over-delivery.

Here’s a good analogy. Twenty years ago when I traveled, I would stay in whichever nice hotel was available—with no particular preference. None of them stood out to me, so it didn’t seem to matter. But then I stayed in a Ritz-Carlton… And I’ve refused to book a night at any other hotel chain since. Do you want to know why? Because their people are SO well trained, the décor is SO immaculate, and they wait on you hand and foot. You ask for something; they bring it. They have perfected the hotel experience for their guests and because of that… They have my business for life.

The truth is, you don’t need to have the cheapest prices in town to attract patients—and you shouldn’t want to! You just need to deliver a level of service that blows your patients away. You need to set yourself apart from the other Practices in your town. Aim to be the Ritz Carlton of Dental Practices… NOT the Econolodge!

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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Why the Scheduling Institute Does Mystery Calls


You might not know exactly who we are, or the extent of what we do, but chances are you’re familiar with our “infamous” Mystery Calls. These have upset a lot of people (mostly teams) over the years. Would you believe that many people actually HATE surprises, even life changing ones? So, the question is—why the heck would we keep making Mystery Calls if we get so much flak for it?

The first thing to understand is that we ONLY reach out to people who ask for it. Even if they don’t remember, the fact remains the same… If your team got a call, it means that at some point, you filled out a little form (on a website, in a magazine, etc.), giving us your information and letting us know that you were interested in learning more about generating new patients and growing your practice. That is the ONLY way that we get a doctor’s information.

Secondly—and most importantly—we know for a fact that these Mystery Calls are absolutely crucial in helping you reach your full success potential. (We know because we have thousands of case studies to prove it.) We don’t do it to poke fun at you and your team, or because we have some sadistic pleasure in tearing down your pride. In fact, we make Mystery Calls for the exact OPPOSITE reason… Because we believe you have a team of superstars that could be totally excelling at their jobs, scheduling tons of new patients, and producing phenomenal results for your Practice—they just haven’t had the proper training!

“No matter how good you are at marketing, processing and treating patients, you blow it if you mess up on the phones. JAY GETS IT! He taught us how to get patients from the phone, to in the door… Last year our monthly new patient average was 13. Since we’ve been with the Scheduling Institute (4 months) our average has been 23 new patients per month! Last year, our average collections per month was $16,021. In the last four months, we averaged $28,098!”

-Cindy Linden, Office Manager

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… That’s NOT your team’s fault. That’s your fault (even though you aren’t doing it intentionally.) You are holding your own Practice back!

“If there is one thing I could tell anybody considering (the Scheduling Institute) it would be: Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate and don’t delay getting on board… Because every day you wait is another day of lost revenue. You might as well flush your money down the toilet… Thank you, (Jay), for helping a profession in great need.”

-Dr. Joseph Doughty

When we send you your personalized Mystery Call recording in the mail, we’re trying to send you a Reality Check. We’re saying, “This is what’s happening on your phones RIGHT NOW. We aren’t making this up. And you need to be hear for yourself that it could be much, much better.” We analyze your call, assessing five different points that we’ve learned are essential for maximizing new patient phone interactions. We use that assessment to give your team a score of 0 to 5 stars. Most of you have scored—or will score—a 0, 1, or 2 on the first try. And that doesn’t mean we think your team is a failure… It just means they haven’t learned the unique scheduling system yet!

“…thank you for helping me see the light. I now look at every new patient phone call as a personal challenge. Every time I get that one who calls and “is just checking prices” to come in and check us out—I feel triumphant! This program has given me so many more skills to get the patient to the door—it has made me enjoy my job so much more and for that I am sincerely grateful.”

-Michelle Sage, Front Desk staff member

Since we have analyzed and worked with practices around the world for 15+ years, we literally have the largest working lab in the entire dental industry. It’s pretty cool, because we get to notice trends and patterns, and use our data to help YOU grow your practice… But sometimes it’s hard to get your attention, because you think we just want to sell you phony junk and make a ton of money!

That’s why, right now, we’d like to use our Mystery Call analyses to give you a piece of free advice. That’s right—just because we like you! After listening to hundreds of thousands of phone calls from all different practices and crunching the data, we can tell you for a FACT that each practice is MISSING, on average, 34% of all new patient scheduling opportunities.

-13% of these calls are categorized as “not booked”, meaning the front desk staff was unable to book an appointment before the new patient hung up.

-The other 21% (and this is actually shocking) were “stranded” calls. Stranded, as in NO ONE PICKED UP THE PHONE. That means new patients are calling because they’re interested in your practice and they never even get to speak to a human being! Isn’t that crazy?

So, here’s a simple suggestion. If you want to outperform 90% of your competition, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Stop missing calls. For instance, add phone coverage (especially during hours of peak call volume) so your team can capture these missed opportunities.

See?! Without our nifty Mystery Calls we would never have been able to tell you that kind of statistic! We’re doing the detective work and filling you in on everything we learn… So that you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Just remember… Training your team on how to handle the phones is about a lot more than just “closing the sale”. It’s about creating a memorable first impression for the new patient, getting them excited about coming into your practice, and generating referrals! It is actually a completely patient-centric process, and it will give unquestionably give you a competitive advantage!

If your team learns to answer the phones strategically, we guarantee that your phones will start ringing a whole lot more… And your team will actually have fun answering them!

So, even if you are resistant to this whole idea and aren’t sure that I have any useful knowledge to offer you (which I promise you, I do–) do this for your team. Call 866-917-2808 and join thousands of other doctors who are making the investment in their teams and seeing enormous and literally life-changing results. 

Until next time,


Jay Geier

Memorial Day: Practicing Gratitude in Everyday Life


Memorial Day weekend has become an interesting American phenomenon. I don’t really check Facebook or social media  (because when I do, I feel like I get bombarded by negativity) but I can guess what types of pictures are popping up after this weekend. Family trips to the lake… Cookouts… American flags… Sunburnt couples in beach chairs… The point is– it’s an incredibly FUN time for everyone, and we all like to show off our American pride–my family and I included!

But in the middle of all of that, we get totally lost. We forget to think about WHY we are celebrating… And WHO exactly we are celebrating. I’m not saying we don’t know what “Memorial Day” means… It’s just that most of the time, that takes a backseat to the celebration itself.

The truth is, the men and women who died serving our country deserve much more than one day or one weekend to be honored. They made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could live in freedom, and they deserve our thoughts and prayers 365 days of the year. 

While I was thinking about that, I started thinking about the gratitude that we have for other people in our lives. Our families… Our teams… Our spouses… Our mentors.. And here’s the deal: no matter HOW often you show them that you appreciate them– it isn’t often enough. Because without your family, your life will be empty. And without the hard work of your team, your Practice would never grow or succeed. And chances are… You THINK it to yourself a lot more often than you say it or show it.

When we are doing well in life, it’s thanks to those around us who support us and strengthen us. Even though it’s great to celebrate your success, don’t get SO caught up in celebrating that you forget to show gratitude!

I can say with 100% honesty that the biggest and most meaningful way to show gratitude to your team is by investing in their success. Period. You need to provide them with the knowledge and expertise to excel both personally and professionally by having them expertly trained in your office. I’m saying this because it’s the truth– NOT because I’m trying to sweet talk you into hiring the Scheduling Institute to train your team. Dead serious. You can hire us OR you can always call someone else.. The choice is yours.

(But I’ll give it to you straight. We’ve got 7 peer-voted Townie Choice Awards AND 10,000 trainings under our belt, and we were recently named one of the fastest growing companies in Atlanta… So why the heck would you want to trust anyone else with your team?) 

Call 866-917-2808 today and schedule an On-Site Training to show YOUR team how much you care. *FOR MAY ONLY: You can bundle two On-Site Trainings for only $10,000 (some restrictions apply).

Until next time,


Jay Geier