What Everybody Ought to Know About the Scheduling Institute

Mark Twain said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” Well, I sure don’t remember the day I was born, but the day I realized my purpose… THAT was a brilliant moment. And I’m not kidding, I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had just developed this system for answering phones, which allowed the clinic I worked for to get over 600 new patients in one week. I was floored. Best week ever, right? But then it dawned on me… Why stop? Why shouldn’t I teach what I knew was a ridiculously effective Practice growth strategy to as many doctors as I could? Why couldn’t I create a company that was specifically designed to help grow Practices, to help dentists make more money, and help people reclaim their lives? That’s how, in 1997, the Scheduling Institute was born. And that day, I found my passion AND my purpose.

So, today someone on my team sent me this Google review that she thought I’d want to read. It made me a bit emotional, because letters like this, honestly– they’re the whole POINT. We get letters like this all the time, but we never get tired of reading them. They are why I do what I do. They are why my team does what they do. And they remind me of that moment when I found out why I’m here.

I wanted to share the review with you because the best and most honest marketing isn’t me telling you that I can change your life… That “you don’t know what you don’t know,” and you are “missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime”.. It’s all 100% true, but I could say that all day until I was blue in the face and, if you don’t know me, it would sound like the emptiest load of bull crap ever.

No, the real, amazing truth comes from the mouth of someone who has been there, in your shoes–and they took a leap of faith. Someone who wanted to write me an honest letter, and didn’t want anything in return. Someone who just wanted to say thank you for changing my life.

testimonial win2

I would personally love the chance to make a difference in your life. Don’t take it from me, read the reviews from others doctors like you who took a chance on the Scheduling Institute and saw drastic increases in new patients, production, collections, and overall quality of life. When you are ready for a positive change, call 866-917-2808. 

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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We’re Officially Approaching our 10,000th Training!! (And Why You Should Care)

I’ve got some big news. This is probably the BIGGEST milestone that my company, the Scheduling Institute, has reached to date.

In May, we will officially complete our 10,000th training. 10,000!!! I know it just looks like a number on the screen, but good grief– think about what that number symbolizes! Think about how many doctors, staff members and families that enormous number of trainings has directly affected. It blows my mind.

When you reach a milestone this monumental, it’s hard not to get nostalgic. I remember the first time we ever held an On-Site Training… Because I was the one that did the training! The doctor had asked me to come to his office and train his team, and I remember thinking, “No way… I don’t want to fly all the way out there and do this!” But I sucked it up, and I did it anyways. And you know what? I realized it was such a GREAT thing–to go into a dental practice and tell them exactly what they could fix to see huge results. So, I decided to build an entire team of people that only did that, and I created a team of highly trained EXPERTS to unleash on the dental industry. That team continues to grow… Now, I have a team of over 52 Certified Training Specialists that help implement my training strategies in practices around the world… So no one has to try and do it all alone! It’s the best possible method for teaching, and that’s why we’ve seen some ridiculously amazing results.

Every single day, I am getting a new email from SOMEONE whose life has been changed by one of our trainings. I know that sounds like a crazy claim, like I’m completely exaggerating, but I’m not. Listen. I am telling you this because we are nearing our 10,000th training and if you haven’t gotten your team trained yet… You are seriously missing out. Just let the number speak for itself! The dental industry is experiencing a patient-centric revolution… Dentists are crafting strategy-driven visions for the future… Practices are getting bigger and better, and the competition is only starting to heat up. We want to help you be at the forefront of this movement!

If you’d like to join the thousands of dentists and orthodontists around the world that trust our training programs and see incredible results, call 866-917-2808. We hope to celebrate your successes with you soon.

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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Are You Selling Yourself Short?

Within the past fifteen years I’ve come to realize something very important. A lot of people actually LIMIT themselves from reaching their full success potential… Just because they don’t dare to dream big enough. Maybe they limit themselves to goals that don’t even excite them, just because they don’t know how much they are capable of!

I’ve included some client emails below. If you’d told these doctors five years ago where they’d be today, and what they’d be producing and collecting annually– they NEVER would’ve believed you! But thanks to some big dreams, consistent training, and accountability… We are helping them achieving amazing things.

“We had an incredible March!!!  We finally reached (and exceeded!!) the 200 mark for new patients, with 216 in March.  Our previous record was 186, so we shattered it!  We also had our best collections month ever, at over $485,500, with our previous best being just over $459,000. We also just hired our 3rd Associate and are thinking about a new (larger) building!” -Evergreen Dental Group

“Today I’d like to express my gratitude for the impact that Scheduling Institute has had on our team, practice, lives, and the community. The Scheduling Institute is directly responsible for the tremendous growth that has allowed me to cut back my clinic days from 4 to 2… To work on the vision, direction, and impact of the practice. This has also helped my back, which has taken a beating after 17 years of practicing dentistry.”Yazdani Dental

If you are interested in finding out more about our world-class training or coaching programs and achieving your full success potential, go to http://www.schedulinginstitute.com/sign-up/readiness-rating/ and get your FREE Practice Transformation Package today.

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Are You Missing Out on BIG Marketing Opportunities?


When I first started analyzing practice growth over 15 years ago, I became aware of something very surprising. Most of the dentists that I met did not actively market their practices! Since then, things have come a long way and practice marketing has steadily increased—an industry shift that my team and I have been working towards for almost a decade. But the marketing in most dental practices still has a long way to go before it’s close to perfect…

When practice marketing is done right, it is easily a full time job. That’s why we advise our clients with larger practices to hire a Marketing Director who can take full ownership of creating and tracking marketing campaigns, and overseeing the image of the practice. The dentists that have followed this advice have seen enormous success—in the form of skyrocketing new patient numbers, production, and collections.

However, if you’re a smaller practice or you’re struggling to stay afloat, this could be a fantastic opportunity to find the talent that’s hiding right under your nose—someone who’s already on your team! Chances are, someone works for you who’d love to take on this project, and you just don’t know it… because you’ve never asked! As your marketing brings in more new patients and your practice begins to experience growth, you can revisit the idea of hiring a full-time Marketing Director.

Although dental practices come in every shape and size imaginable, I’ve discovered certain facts during my extensive research that are true for every business in the industry…

First, judge everything with a critical eye.

Try this: for one day, observe every single detail of your practice that a typical patient would observe. That means sitting down in the treatment chair, looking up at the ceiling in the waiting room, noticing the friendliness and engagement of your staff when someone walks in the door, and what the televisions are playing in your reception area. Now begin to examine these experiences… What opportunities for marketing are you missing out on?

Next, consider how your practice is viewed in the community. For a lot of you, your lack of public marketing comes down to a fear of seeming egotistical. Maybe you are so afraid of seeming bigheaded that you miss out on a ton of marketing opportunities in your city. Reality check! You have got to stop letting fear of judgment and fear of failure get in the way of your success. This is one of the BIGGEST rules of marketing.

You belong to one of two categories:

-Big fish in a little pond, or

-Little fish in a big pond.

If your practice is located in a tiny city, congrats! You are in the perfect position to dominate the marketing scene. So own it! Get your name out there as much as possible and become the practice name on everyone’s lips.

On the other hand, if your practice is in a big city, you need to take a different approach. Narrow in on a specific audience of desirable patients. Consider this audience. Where do they go? What appeals to them? How can you get their attention? If that audience happens to be the twenty-mile radius around your office building, use that geographical information to maximize your marketing investment.

Next, raise your tolerance for rejection.

If there is one piece of advice for you to hold onto when it comes to marketing, this is it. I have never once learned as much on a successful day as I did on a day full of failures. If the creativity of your marketing is crushed by fear of rejection, I can guarantee you—it will show. The campaigns you produce will come across lifeless, two-dimensional, and dry.

Think of it as a stroll through an orchard. Many of the fruits you reach for on the lower limbs will be picked over, but the firm, flavorful ideas are at the top of the tree. You have to work to get to them, but these are the campaigns that will excite your prospective patients.

You’re going to have to accept that a large percentage of marketing is strategic guesswork. It’s very difficult to pin the market down, especially because it’s constantly shifting. Social trends, media crazes, buzz words… they’re all constantly shifting, making your job as a marketing strategist very experimental. The key is: test, track, tweak, and amp up whatever is working. The more you lower your fear of rejection and change, and maximize your creative energy, the greater your marketing successes will be!

Growing practices is what I love to do, and marketing is one of the most excellent tools at our disposal. So ask yourself… Are you truly maximizing your resources? Are you striving to be the best in your town, and to spread the word to all of your potential patients? Or could you be doing a whole lot more? Don’t settle for mediocrity!!

If you’d like to find out more information on the marketing trainings we offer, and other tools that can help you become SO GOOD THEY CAN’T IGNORE YOU, call 866-917-2808.

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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I Have to Admit… I’ve Made a Huge Mistake

I have to admit that I’ve made a mistake. A BIG mistake.

Over fifteen years ago, I discovered a system of answering phones that was truly unlike anything on the market. I developed it and tested it out on a company I worked for at the time–it attracted over 600 new patients in one WEEK. I was able to break a world record using this new system. I realized then and there that training people on phones and helping them understand the importance of new patients was my ultimate mission.

Over the next ten years, I helped thousands upon thousands of offices (literally!) to learn this system–which drastically increased their new patient numbers, increased production, and even helped some grow into million dollar practices. I’m not saying that to brag, but to give you some context. I loved watching these practices completely turn around–watching doctors become more successful than they’d ever dreamed. It was totally addicting. So, I started branching into other areas, doing everything I could to help dentists grow their practices. I now have the largest hygiene training team in the world, a team of hygienists with over a century of combined experience, an enormous staff university in Atlanta, as well as a myriad of other trainings in other important areas….

Ok. Here’s where I made my critical mistake. I neglected to keep PUSHING the importance of phone trainings, which is by far the greatest transformation I’ve discovered for practices. Since I started this business over 15 years ago, tracking telephone calls has become a commodity. Every Tom, Dick and Harry are selling tracking systems. But please hear me say this–simply tracking is NOT what we do! Scheduling is NOT what we do, regardless of our name! We help save doctors hundreds of thousands of WASTED dollars by training their teams on the telephones so they can effectively handle new patient telephone calls, answer the patient’s questions, schedule the patient, and get them in the front door on the day of their appointment! We provide accountability for your team so they can fulfill their potential and increase the value of your business!

You may think you don’t need more new patients, but I’ll tell you this… I have NEVER seen an office receive the telephone training, learn the system, implement the system, get more new patients and not see DRASTIC, incredible results. It just doesn’t happen. Do you know why?

Because new patients are the biggest MISSED moneymaking opportunity in 9 out of 10 practices…. And telephones are the vehicles for getting them!!

I am always telling my team that making mistakes is a good thing. Mistakes come with lessons, and if you never made mistakes, you’d never get the lessons at the end. So here I am, admitting to this big mistake, and this is the lesson I’ve learned…

No matter how many other trainings I develop, and other areas of the practice that I grow, and other high-level coaching programs I offer… I will NEVER AGAIN neglect the importance of phone trainings.

If you are starting to think that maybe you should check it out, I promise you– you won’t regret it. If you are still skeptical, I’d urge you to check out our testimonials. We have THOUSANDS of fans who send us these testimonials every day. They understand that what we do is the real deal, and that there’s nothing else like it on the market… Even 15 years after I created this world-record breaking system!!

Making the decision to call my team and schedule your phone training is the best thing that you can do for the future of your practice and for your personal success. So don’t wait… Call 866-917-2808 now and see what you’ve been missing.

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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Reflections on the Last Day of Q1


Here we are: the last day of Q1.

Instead of just heading blindly into Q2, take a minute and reflect on your first Quarter… Did you have any big wins? Any failures? Did you get any important lessons out of your failures that you can use to maximize your second Quarter?

I know it can be all too easy to get discouraged when you don’t reach your goal, but don’t IGNORE what you’ve already achieved!

I once had a client who was averaging about $500,000 production per year. After becoming a client, he set the goal of producing $1,000,000. Wouldn’t you agree that’s a BIG goal? And I loved it, because I think that BIG, lofty goals are the most inspirational gift you can give to yourself! But after working his tail off for two years, he fell short of the goal… Producing $950,000.

This client called me up on the phone. He was SO upset that he hadn’t met his goal that he didn’t even realize how far he had come… He had increased his production by about $450,000 in TWO years! He should have been ecstatic and thrown a party for his whole team!! But he was so hyper-focused on the idea of the GOAL that instead he felt like a complete failure.

Remember: we are striving for PROGRESS, not PERFECTION. Find a way to be content in the “in between spaces”–the area between when you set a goal and when you reach it. If you learn to enjoy the journey, your success will be worth more than any dollar value!!

If you’d like to make Q2 a lot different and a whole lot better than Q1, give my team a call at 866-917-2808. They will help you get started on one of our award-winning team training or doctor coaching programs… And by the end of Q2, you’ll be seeing much different results!

Until next time,


Jay Geier


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Tip of the Day: Focus on Your Strengths

Ever since elementary school, you’ve been told to focus on your weaknesses. If you had a C in Math and an A in Social Studies, I’d bet your parents and teachers told you to work on pulling up that C rather than pouring more energy into Social Studies… Am I right?

But I’ve got great news for you… I’m telling you to do the OPPOSITE! You aren’t in school anymore, and no one is grading you. You need to embrace your genius and your potential. Rather than trying to improve your weakest areas, you need to focus your effort and energy on your strengths– on doing those things that you’re good at doing! Then, delegate (or eliminate) tasks that require you to use your weaknesses.

Do you think I sound crazy? It’s really just a solid, effective, and logical business strategy. By surrounding yourself with support people who are strong in your weakest areas and can cover these areas FOR you, you will maximize the productivity (and revenue) of your Practice. It’s that simple.

For instance, I have extremely low follow-through. However, I am excellent at coming up with ideas on the spot. So to leverage my strength, I’ve hired a Personal Assistant, Avid, who complements my weaknesses. If I tell you I’ll call you in two days about blah-blah-blah, then I can 100% guarantee you… I’ll forget. But since Avid is in charge of my schedule, calendar, phone calls, etc., then she makes sure I remember to call you. That means instead of fighting my weakness tooth and nail, I have more time to focus on brainstorming creative business growth ideas and content to share with my clients. And SHE gets to spend time doing what she loves to do! It’s a win-win.

Here’s my challenge. Q1 is coming to an end, and I can bet there is something that you hope will go differently in Q2. Instead of just “hoping” your Practice will magically start growing, and production will magically double, why not implement this practical business strategy, and see how it affects your Practice? Delegate your weaknesses, embrace your strengths. Just try it for one Quarter and see how it goes for you! (And if you’d like a chance to actually DOUBLE– yes, I’m serious!– your Practice’s production, visit my website, www.schedulinginstitute.com, and click the orange tab that says “Get Your Free Practice Rating” in the upper righthand corner. Don’t believe me? Just read the testimonials!!)

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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