Are Your Fears Keeping You From Success?


I recently asked a group of some of my most successful clients to write down the top three things that were holding them back from achieving everything they wanted to achieve. I wanted to know the TOP mental obstacles that my clients are facing, so I compiled the list and printed it off. Do you know what was number one on the list?

Fear of failure.

We are terrified of messing up. That we are terrified of trying something, and not being the best. But can I take a minute and tell you how many times I FAILED while on the road to where I am today?

The only way to eliminate the fear that you will FAIL in the future is to leave your past failures behind. It’s like emotional baggage— and everyone is carrying something.

You have trunks and double expandable suitcases crammed full of emotion all around your feet, weighing you down. Maybe you even are a two trunk kind of person, and you have to drag those huge suckers every single place you go. Some days, it’s visible in your posture, your attitude and your mood.

You have carried all of the JUNK from your past into the present with you… Unless you change something, you will continue to carry it into the future. And let me tell you something: with that kind of luggage, you aren’t going anywhere.

You are STUCK.

Do you know why failure exists?  It exists because every time you make a mistake, you receive a LESSON. In fact, I think it’s crazy when people don’t do something because they’re afraid of failing. I know that if I NEVER failed, I wouldn’t continue to grow and improve and knock it out of the park the next time!

There is only ONE way that you will ever shrug-off this mountain of luggage. Every time you make a mistake, unzip that oversized suitcase, dig around a bit through all the chaotic emotion and fear, and find that one little wallet-sized lesson. That is the ONLY thing you should be taking with you into the future!

If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that we have to leave things behind. For some reason, humans have an incredibly difficult time with this. When you collect a messy history, full of mistakes, emotion, and regret, you have no room for new habits and perspectives.

If what I’m saying is hitting home with you, then you’ve realized your future is being LIMITED by all of the crap that you are holding onto.

So, I want you to do something symbolic, something that will materialize this realization for you. I want you to do something to mark this moment as the start of a CHANGE that will impact the rest of your life.

Take a piece of paper and, for ten minutes, think about the heaviest burdens— the really BIG ones that stick in your brain late at night. Think about your luggage, and what it looks like. Think about where it came from.

Write down on your piece of paper the three things that are holding you back from what you could accomplish… Things that you should have left in the past, and that are negatively affecting your future. 

After you write them down, give them a good, long look. The last look. Take that paper and destroy it— burn it, or tear it, or flush it down the toilet. Whatever will mean something symbolically to you.

Picture yourself walking away from a pile of luggage that you’ve been dragging around for far too long, and into a future where YOU are in control. 

I’d like to help you create a strong plan of action for your future, and your Practice’s growth. Call me today at 866-917-2808. Don’t “wait” your life away.

Until next time,


Jay Geier


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