Which Office Would You Bet On…. Office A or Office B?


Let’s say you set out to complete a triathlon… there would be necessary training, hard work and dedication all leading up to the event, right? Right. So then let’s fast forward to 6 months later… do you honestly think you’d be able to go out and a complete another triathlon just like THAT… without ANY continuous training? For most of us, the answer would be ‘definitely NOT’!

It’s the same concept for training your team. You can’t just have one training, and think they’re good to go… forever! You have to be consistent and train them regularly, just like you would for anything else worth doing.
Take a look at the image below… OfficeAvsOfficeB

As you can see above, the first row is a quarter. Look at Office A. Envision this office working for 20 days straight… 20 – then another 20 – then another 20. Office B takes one day off, trains their team, then works 19 days – then 20 –then the other 20.

If you had to pick one, which office would you actually bet on to produce higher results?Would you bet on Office A because there are more working days?

OR would you bet on Office B because they did something intentional?

Well, here’s what I know. I would bet on Office B every. Single. Time.

Office B is INTENTIONAL about their results, and takes one day off of production each quarter to train their team! That means the doctor in Office B is training his team 4 TIMES every year.

Think about the last 7 years that you’ve had the Practice… You’ve probably spent most of your time and energy putting out “little fires” as they occur. That’s being REACTIVE, not PROactive!

You need to be intentional! You need to INVEST in your team so they can over-deliver for you, AND for your patients! You said so yourself – you’d bet on the office that gets quarterly trainings. That’s how you KNOW that this is a safe bet. Your team will be more focused, more engaged, and on a results-driven mission.

The truth is, if you want an office where your patients leave and think, “WOW, that was a GREAT office,” you are going to need to UP your commitment. You need to develop a culture of growth and excitement in your office, and the one way to do that is by consistently training your team. You need to let them know that you are committed to their growth both professionally AND personally.

So promise yourself to make the commitment in 2015. Make it a New Year’s Resolution, write it down somewhere visible in the office, whatever you need to do… But START TRAINING YOUR TEAM! And I don’t mean every once in a while… I mean regularly! Because, like triathlon runners, if you expect your team to be the best of the best, you’re going to have to give them the BEST training. If you want them to have CONSISTENTLY good results, you are going to have to give them CONSISTENT training.

Make 2015 different. Call 866-917-2808 today to schedule your next On-Site Training, and give your team the strategies and resources they need to come in First Place.

Until next time,


Jay Geier


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