Saying “Thank You” at Every Opportunity


Those of you who know me know that gratitude is extremely important to me. I love to show gratitude to the people in my life… my team, my family, my members…. and I love to receive gratitude! In general, I’d say it is one of the BEST and HEALTHIEST things you can do for your relationships.

In fact, it gives me such great pleasure when I receive thank you notes or testimonial emails that I save them all in a very special place. Seriously! I save every single one of them. I make a point of taking them out and looking at them on days when I am feeling negative or irritable, and it serves as an incredible pick-me-up. You should try it sometime!

This morning in particular, I received a very clever thank you from a doctor for whom I have enormous respect, Dr. Conrad Crocker. Dr. Crocker’s note not only helped refocus me on my PURPOSE for the day, but also reminded me of the positive impact I am having on doctors, teams and Practices… And THAT is going to help me end the year strong!


Honestly, without all of you— the exceptional doctors and teams that I work with— none of this would excite me like it does… This would just be a job, and I would be another bored, tired, rich guy sitting in his office. Because of your engagement, and the enormous results that I get to witness, I actually get to come to work excited! Isn’t that crazy? How many people get to say that?

Until next time,


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