YOU Control What Happens Next



Right now, think about the last big decision you made. Whether it was buying a new building, hiring a new team member, or opening your Practice. Big decisions are what make life interesting… They are what make life worthwhile.

Making the decision to change is always a risk. Sometimes, you will fail. But let me tell you something: NOT making a decision is the worst path you can take. I know doctors who’ve lived their entire lives in fear of making big decisions, so they just hide. They cower from the big decisions, and don’t do anything at all.

That is NOT a path to success. That is the path to being 80 years old, alone, in debt, and disappointed. That might sound harsh, but it is the truth. You need to make the hard decisions, and work hard to make great changes in your life so you can reap the reward.

I promise you, it will be worth it. Are you ready? Or are you going to wait another year or two to see how you feel then?

It doesn’t get easier. Bite the bullet, and make the changes YOU need to make in order to make 2015 the Best Year your Practice has ever seen… The highest productions, collections, income, salaries. It is within your reach, but you have to GO FOR IT.

If you’re ready to take the first step, and learn more about how the Scheduling Institute can help you reach your goals, call 866-917-2808 today. Let my team know that you were referred by my blog.

Until next time,



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