Drs. Maio and Kwant Increase New Patients by 2500% in Two Years


There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the fruits of your labor growing on someone else’s tree. If you’ve never experienced this or made it much of a priority, you probably think I sound crazy. But if your goal is to impact someone else’s life, and you live for those teary-eyed transformational stories, then you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

Case in point, Dr. Joe Maio and Dr. John Kwant. Both Scheduling Institute clients, two incredibly hard working and ethical men. They’ve only been with the Scheduling Institute for two years, but their Practice has absolutely taken off… I’m talking production, collections, income, buildings, staff, New Patients— everything. They took literally everything I said and just did it. No doubt, no questions asked, no fear clouding their judgment. But they didn’t always have that confidence! I remember just a couple of years ago they were in a huge rut, and weren’t getting much enjoyment out of dentistry.

“Your first inclination is to speed up the treadmill— to work harder, and faster, do more dentistry… You think you’re going to get off this cycle but you realize you have no direction or vision for your Practice. You get to that point where you try to take one more step, and you reach for it, and you just fall.” – Dr. Maio.

Do you know the moment everything changed for them, that real turning point? It was when they opened the mailbox and found their Mystery Call results on a CD… The same CD that tons of doctors just toss in the trash! Dr. Maio told me they were excited to get started when they read about the guaranteed 25% increase in New Patients, but after the FIRST training, they were able to QUADRUPLE that increase! You think I’m joking, but I can’t make this stuff up!

They were members of the Scheduling Institute for just one year before they decided to join 5X, which is actually a huge jump in our ascension model (one we probably wouldn’t recommend to most Practices.) Their results in the two years we’ve been together are PHENOMENAL.

Before vs. After Becoming Scheduling Institute Clients

20 New Patients/month VS. 500 New Patients/month

1 location VS. 5 locations (32 operatories, with room for 25 more!)

2,200 square ft. VS. 24,000 square ft.

2 doctors, 4 employees VS. 10 doctors, 60 employees

little to no charitable dental work VS. $600,000 in charitable dental work

0% EBITDA, $173K in profits VS. 15-20% EBITDA, $1.473 million in profits

To sum it up:

6 years on their own: $4.5 million in revenue 

2 years with the Scheduling Institute: $13 million in revenue

“When I started this climb, looking back, I never dreamed I would be where I am today. The journey really has been the fun of it. And I know right now I still have many more peaks to climb.” – Dr. Kwant.

In the first 6 months of last year, Drs. Maio and Kwant more than doubled their Best Year Ever for marginal profitability. These are the stories we live for!

Is your Practice ready for a more exciting and vibrant future? Call 866-917-2808 to talk to my team, and tell them you’re ready to see results as great as Apex Dental’s!

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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