Are You LOSING 33% of Your New Patients Every Day?


Let me ask you a question.

What would you do if you knew that your receptionist was kicking 33% of your New Patients in the shins when they tried to come into your Practice? You’d lose it, right?! That’s a HUGE problem, and you would NEVER allow that to happen in your Practice… you would put an end to that immediately, no matter what!

Yes, I know that’s a pretty ridiculous example, but your staff REALLY is unknowingly turning away 33% of your potential New Patients every single day! The scariest part is that you aren’t even aware that this is happening.

On Tuesday, I wrote about how your telephones are by far the QUICKEST, CHEAPEST, and EASIEST way to boost all areas of your Practice, but the fact is, 75% of you aren’t going to take my advice. I feel so strongly about this topic that I wanted to take one more opportunity and spend a little more time and energy explaining it to you. Because I promise, for the 25% of you who DO take my advice, you won’t believe the amazing effects it will have on your New Patients, production, AND collections. You will be completely AMAZED.

I know you’re thinking “but my receptionist is so sweet and personable… surely she can’t be turning away my valuable New Patients…” I’m telling you, it’s happening. My team has surveyed and tested over 37,000 front desk schedulers, and the same mistakes happen over and over again (and the New Patients just disappear). So what is it going to take? Do you really need them to blatantly kick someone in the shins before you notice that there’s room for improvement at your front desk?

Here’s the GOOD news: If you’re part of the 25% of dentists that are smart enough to see that there is always opportunity to be better, then you can suture the holes in your Practice and stop bleeding New Patients. It’s not a “quick fix” solution, but if you invest a little bit of time into fixing this problem, you will see tremendous results. Here’s why…

You have a HUGE hole right at the beginning of your New Patient pipeline… it’s all about how you handle your New Patient inbound phone calls. This hole literally creates New Patient and profit leakage of epic proportions, and I don’t mean a drip-drip kind of leakage, I mean an actual HEMORRHAGE of income and profits that you should be taking home.

Here’s how it’s happening: Your phone is ringing, and (if it is being answered at all) your front desk is bungling the New Patient opportunity because you’ve never trained them on how to do it properly! Poor service, poor telephone skills, and poorly trained staff will always produce poor results for you, your Practice, and your patients.

It’s time for a big reality check.

Your front desk is not handling inbound calls effectively, but it isn’t their fault. It’s your fault. When you were looking to fill a front desk position, you probably hired someone to be “the friendly voice on the other end of the line.” Not caring if they know about streamlined scheduling, selling the value of treatment, or how to avoid verbal vomit! You haven’t invested in training them on “closing the sale” so-to-speak, or—if you’re one of the few doctors who HAVE— you’ve invested in minimal training because you didn’t see the big deal. They’re just answering phones, right?

WRONG. Just take a look at the math to see what your telephones are costing you! Every single New Patient you lose is worth about $1,500 to your Practice over their lifetime (and that’s a LOW END estimate). Let’s say that 15 New Patients call your Practice this week, 5 drop out of the “gaping New Patient hole” caused by your undertrained staff (which is another generous guess,) and this happens every week. That means that your Practice loses $7,500 each week… $30,000 each month… for a grand total of $390,000 in ONE year. Let that sink in for a second (and think about what you’d do with an extra $390,000 every year)!

Not only are you LOSING New Patients, LOSING money, and WASTING time, but you aren’t providing your potential patients with the care and service they deserve. In my opinion, that’s the “cardinal sin” of dentistry! The patient should ALWAYS come first.

I can point at the problem all day long, but YOU have to be the one that decides to fix it. I know that 75% of you still don’t believe me… so I’d like to prove it to you. Take less than 2 minutes (yes, we timed it) and visit Complete the QuickStart form and we’ll send you a FREE assessment of how your office is treating your New Patients on the phone.

When you get the rating, you can do whatever you want with it. You can ignore the truth, deny the results… what you do with the information is totally up to you.

But I hope, for your own sake (and for your patients), that you’ll realize that your phones are the missing piece to the puzzle—the one thing that can take your Practice to the next level. Then you’ll pick up that phone and call us at 866-917-2808because you want to be the best, and give the #1 Dentist in your town a run for their money.


Until next time,


Jay Geier


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