The One Decision That Increased Dr. Davis’ New Patients by Over 82%


At some point over the last few years, you might have received a flier for the Financial Freedom Weekend that I host every year. Some of you read the flier and decided to attend, and some of you threw it in the trash. It seems like a tiny, insignificant decision… But do you realize that one split-second decision has the power to change the course of your entire life?

Dr. Mark Davis of Perfect Smile Tulsa received that same Financial Freedom Weekend flier in January 2013. He could have thrown it away… It’s just “junk mail”, right? But instead of rolling his eyes and tossing the flier, Dr. Davis began to read. A split-second, random decision. By the time he’d finished reading, the moment had become significant, something to remember for the rest of his life. He had seen a life raft.

Let’s rewind to where the story starts.

Shortly after marrying his wife, Marianne, in 1984, Dr. Davis had the opportunity to open his own Practice in a small office space with a prime location. The Practice averaged about 15 New Patients and $16,000 of production per month—with two young children and a newborn at home, finances were TIGHT. If anything ever broke in their home, and they needed something fixed at the office, the office always took first priority. Still, they were determined to make things work.

In 2000, Dr. Davis got word that the office building was going to be demolished to make room for a chain restaurant. Instead of assuming defeatist attitudes, Mark and Marianne decided it was the perfect opportunity to build a new office—their own office—that they could design from the ground up. So, they built the new Practice. They carefully decorated and equipped the rooms. Then, they waited for New Patients to pour through the front door… And they waited…

“Our big problem was that our New Patients weren’t going up. You have to think of it as a bucket, and your New Patients are going in the top. Well, we always had a HOLE in the bottom of our bucket—they were coming out just as fast as we were putting them in,” said Marianne.

After a few months, it became clear that the new building was not going to help their situation. What should have been a great success became a very apparent flop. Ernie, Perfect Smile Tulsa’s Practice Manager, admitted, “The direction was not always clear. We knew we had goals that we were shooting for, but there wasn’t real purpose and passion and drive to reach those goals. Most importantly, there wasn’t the skill set and the leadership to help us get there.”

“It was hard to watch Mark lose interest… motivation… Not because he didn’t want to make the Practice a big success, but because he didn’t know how,” Marianne explained.


Until one day in January of 2013, Dr. Davis opened his mailbox and saw a flier for the Financial Freedom Weekend. Rather than finding reasons NOT to go (we can’t afford it, it’s too far, what about the kids?), he and Marianne decided to make the trip to Atlanta. It was a LEAP of faith (or desperation)…

On the flight down, they agreed that they wouldn’t buy anything while they were there. They also decided that if they didn’t find some answers over the weekend, they’d consider selling the Practice and getting out of dentistry. “We were sick of being on a treadmill and running as fast as we could all the time. We were pedaling and pedaling, and getting nowhere except older,” said Marianne.

But dentistry wasn’t through with them yet. Over the weekend, they learned new ways to manage their finances, and got a fresh outlook on the future of their Practice. “We were hooked,” Marianne confessed. “Jay outlined a plan where you can be a giving person, and have fun, and make your Practice into what you’d always wanted it to be.” At the end of the second day, they looked at each other and said, If we don’t do this… We’re crazy!

Dr. Davis enrolled in the 5X Coaching Program that day.

For the first time in 30 years, Dr. David finally understood what it meant to be a leader, and wasted no time turning up the heat. Instead of waiting around for New Patients to show up, he began to actively market to them. Finally—for the first time since opening the new office—New Patients flooded into the reception area. I’m proud to announce that Perfect Smile Tulsa has seen over an 82% INCREASE in New Patients since joining the 5X Program, and the number continues to rise.

But MORE New Patients mean more room to grow in other areas, right? That’s why Dr. Davis expanded his all-star team to include a Patient Experience Coordinator, additional office assistants, and a skilled associate who will help him to DOUBLE production. Additional changes include: rebranding the Practice, creating a home office, implementing a VIP Program, buying new and improved signs, giving out patient appreciation gifts, and holding patient referral drawings (which have caused referrals to skyrocket by 156%!)

That’s a LOT of change in a short amount of time, but I’m sure Dr. Davis and his wife will tell you that every second has been worth it. The once struggling Practice has seen such enormous success over the last few years that they’ve maxed out their usable office space, and are opening a second location this year.

Your day is filled with thousands of tiny, forgettable, split-second decisions. You can always choose to do exactly what you’ve been doing. You have the choice to be unhappy at work, and let that seep into your home life.

But don’t fool yourself. That’s all it is—a CHOICE.

Which means you also have the choice to change… to try something different that could take you places you never thought possible. What will you choose?

Call 866-917-2808 today to find out more information about our 7-Time Award Winning Coaching and Training Programs. Don’t let the fear of change prevent you from having the life you deserve.

Until next time,


Jay Geier


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