The 3 Backstage Spaces That Will Drastically Improve Your Office’s Productivity


Imagine that you’re a patient. When you walk into a dental office, what’s the first thing you notice?  Probably the waiting room, or the reception desk, full of phones and friendly faces… right?

Ok, but what about the spaces you don’t see? Would you believe me if I told you that some of the most IMPORTANT areas of your Practice are never even seen by your patients? These three behind the scene spaces are proven to drastically improve efficiency and productivity in your office… leading to a much better experience for your patients! Check them out below…

Staff lounge…

Every Practice needs a space to gather as a team, go over the schedule for the day, discuss the patients to be seen and any anticipated actions that will be required.  You need a staff lounge large enough to accommodate your entire staff, a place to meet, interview, strategize and celebrate.  Also – a staff that eats together stays together!

Call center…

Absolutely essential for multi-location Practices and fairly essential for any Practice focusing on increasing new patient numbers and patient recall percentages!  The call center needs extreme privacy for focus, and can be remote from the actual practice.  However, in my experience, having the call center directly and conveniently manageable by administrative staff is a far better alternative whenever possible.

Marketing director’s office…

You do have a marketing director…right? He or she needs a space that allows for manning the phones, negotiating contracts and planning for future campaigns, etc.  This office should be very close to the entrepreneur doctor’s office, if at all possible.

Trust me – the addition of these spaces in your Practice will improve your patients’ experience and satisfaction IMMENSELY!  For more information on how to add to your overall experience for your patients, call my team of experts at 866-917-2808!

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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