Why Being a GENEROUS Office Will Pay off… In New Patients, Increased Production and Income


Dr. Peter Wilk and his wife, Julie, have some of the biggest hearts we’ve ever seen. But did you know that having a big heart and making generosity a priority also reaps ENORMOUS dividends in the long run? Interested? Read on to find out why…


In 2000, Dr. Wilk and Julie moved to their current hometown—Hartford, WI. Within their first year of opening a new office, they did around $500,000 in production, and by the next year, their production had grown to $700,000. That year, they decided to join the Scheduling Institute.

Like many other doctors, they bought the basic Self Study Kit… But more importantly, they had the determination, accountability, leadership skills, and work ethic necessary to successfully implement these phone strategies in their office! They immediately saw a drastic increase in New Patients, production, and collections.

But this motivated duo wanted more! So, they used the momentum from this first success to grow their practice even more… Scheduling regular trainings, investing heavily in their team, revamping the office… By October 2013, they had enrolled in the 5X Coaching Program and working closely with their personal Program Advisor to MAXIMIZE the business and increase their revenue!

By July of the NEXT year, (after over FORTY years of previously owning a Practice,) Dr. Wilk and his wife saw over $1,000,000 in gross production.

Dr. Wilk has risen to the challenge of improving his Practice, his team, and the patient experience, but he hasn’t stopped there. In fact, since joining the Scheduling Institute in 2013, he has also fully embraced our challenge of IMPACT—devoting himself and his Practice to the idea of giving back to the community and the world around them. Let’s check out some awesome examples of how Dr. Wilk, Julie, and their hardworking team at Grand Avenue Dental have used success as a vehicle for impacting others…


Guatemala Mission Trips:

Both Dr. Wilk and his wife have donated a lot of time and energy to serving communities in Guatemala. From working with the Hartford Rotary Foundation, to participating in dental missions, the couple’s combined visits total to 13! They cite this experience as an inspiration to become more heavily involved in serving their Hartford, WI community at home. “Patients need things out of their reach that we can provide for them,” Dr. Wilk said.


Volkswagon Beetle Giveaway:

In 2013, Dr. Wilk and his team held a raffle to give away a brand new Volkswagon Beetle. Community members entered the raffle all year long by referring a friend to the Practice, writing an online review, liking them on Facebook, or becoming a New Patient, and the big drawing was held in December of that year.

The woman who actually won the Bug couldn’t have been more grateful… “It was so much more than just a car,” she said. By selling the prize, she was able to pay down her debts and pay her bills—something that had caused a huge struggle for her and her husband at home.



October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, though at Grand Avenue Dental Care, it has another exciting name… Pinktober! Nearly five years ago, Julie Wilk was diagnosed with breast cancer. After two surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatment, she has been cancer free for over four years!

Breast Cancer Awareness month is near and dear to their hearts, and everyone at Grand Avenue Dental Care feels very strongly about the importance of cancer research to helping women and men recover from this difficult disease. That’s why every year they decorate hundreds of pumpkins white and pink—they paint them, glitter them, marker them, and sell them to raise money for the cause! In October 2013, the office raised over $1,000 for cancer research.


Dentistry from the Heart:

Every year, Grand Avenue Dental Care sacrifices one or two days of production to donate their services to the less fortunate in the community, especially the homeless and those who can’t afford dental care. “This is an opportunity to give back to our community in a really meaningful way,” said Dr. Wilk. They might provide anything from cleanings, to crowns, to extractions during this day of charity… Just to spread smiles throughout their city.


Sharing Smiles, Sharing Water:

This program is the latest in the Practice’s charitable efforts. For every bottle of branded water that they hand out to patients, Grand Avenue Dental Care will make a donation to the Hartford Rotary Foundation—a local group that is building fresh water wells in Guatemala and Haiti, to help communities with no other available resources.

Having fresh, clean drinking water will help to stop the spread of disease and bacteria that currently cause so much sickness and death in these areas. Dr. Wilk and his team are currently accepting donations, and are aiming to raise at least $5,000. This amount will fund a brand new well, from start to finish, and the training of local community members in Haiti or Guatemala to help maintain the well.


Patient Appreciation Night:

This has become a fun tradition for Dr. Wilk and his team members. One of their personal favorites? When the office rented out an entire local movie theatre and played Frozen for their patients’ families—even giving out free popcorn and other concessions! The local news came to cover the event, which was a huge success. Dr. Wilk’s and his team successfully brought the community together for a night of Frozen fun… Who ever thought a dental Practice could be so cool?


As you can see, being a truly GENEROUS office is a business strategy with an incredibly high ROI. People who don’t give back their time, energy or money will find that they never have enough of it… They can work, and work, and work…. But they will always need “a little more”.

However, if you can develop the self-discipline required to become generous of your time, energy AND money, you’ll naturally build a margin in each area. Not only will giving become easier, and make your life more purposeful and impactful—you’ll also find that you don’t even miss the time or money that you gave away!

We can’t overstate this fact: if you practice generosity, you position yourself on the path to wealth. Position your Practice favorably by taking a page from Dr. Wilk’s book, and make serving your community a priority this year. We guarantee that it will help your business to grow and thrive like you wouldn’t believe… Because clients WANT to give their money and business to someone who will do good things with it!


To find out more information… Check out our short video at www.bitly.com/DrPeterWilk, and hear firsthand from Dr. Wilk about how to use this concept to maximize your ROI! Or call 866-917-2808 and find out how the Scheduling Institute can help YOU build your collections and personal net worth, while giving back to the community in a significant and lasting way! 


Until next time,


Jay Geier


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