Tip of the Day: Focus on Your Strengths


Ever since elementary school, you’ve been told to focus on your weaknesses. If you had a C in Math and an A in Social Studies, I’d bet your parents and teachers told you to work on pulling up that C rather than pouring more energy into Social Studies… Am I right?

But I’ve got great news for you… I’m telling you to do the OPPOSITE! You aren’t in school anymore, and no one is grading you. You need to embrace your genius and your potential. Rather than trying to improve your weakest areas, you need to focus your effort and energy on your strengths– on doing those things that you’re good at doing! Then, delegate (or eliminate) tasks that require you to use your weaknesses.

Do you think I sound crazy? It’s really just a solid, effective, and logical business strategy. By surrounding yourself with support people who are strong in your weakest areas and can cover these areas FOR you, you will maximize the productivity (and revenue) of your Practice. It’s that simple.

For instance, I have extremely low follow-through. However, I am excellent at coming up with ideas on the spot. So to leverage my strength, I’ve hired a Personal Assistant, Avid, who complements my weaknesses. If I tell you I’ll call you in two days about blah-blah-blah, then I can 100% guarantee you… I’ll forget. But since Avid is in charge of my schedule, calendar, phone calls, etc., then she makes sure I remember to call you. That means instead of fighting my weakness tooth and nail, I have more time to focus on brainstorming creative business growth ideas and content to share with my clients. And SHE gets to spend time doing what she loves to do! It’s a win-win.

Here’s my challenge. Q1 is coming to an end, and I can bet there is something that you hope will go differently in Q2. Instead of just “hoping” your Practice will magically start growing, and production will magically double, why not implement this practical business strategy, and see how it affects your Practice? Delegate your weaknesses, embrace your strengths. Just try it for one Quarter and see how it goes for you! (And if you’d like a chance to actually DOUBLE– yes, I’m serious!– your Practice’s production, visit my website, www.schedulinginstitute.com, and click the orange tab that says “Get Your Free Practice Rating” in the upper righthand corner. Don’t believe me? Just read the testimonials!!)

Until next time,


Jay Geier

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