Reflections on the Last Day of Q1



Here we are: the last day of Q1.

Instead of just heading blindly into Q2, take a minute and reflect on your first Quarter… Did you have any big wins? Any failures? Did you get any important lessons out of your failures that you can use to maximize your second Quarter?

I know it can be all too easy to get discouraged when you don’t reach your goal, but don’t IGNORE what you’ve already achieved!

I once had a client who was averaging about $500,000 production per year. After becoming a client, he set the goal of producing $1,000,000. Wouldn’t you agree that’s a BIG goal? And I loved it, because I think that BIG, lofty goals are the most inspirational gift you can give to yourself! But after working his tail off for two years, he fell short of the goal… Producing $950,000.

This client called me up on the phone. He was SO upset that he hadn’t met his goal that he didn’t even realize how far he had come… He had increased his production by about $450,000 in TWO years! He should have been ecstatic and thrown a party for his whole team!! But he was so hyper-focused on the idea of the GOAL that instead he felt like a complete failure.

Remember: we are striving for PROGRESS, not PERFECTION. Find a way to be content in the “in between spaces”–the area between when you set a goal and when you reach it. If you learn to enjoy the journey, your success will be worth more than any dollar value!!

If you’d like to make Q2 a lot different and a whole lot better than Q1, give my team a call at 866-917-2808. They will help you get started on one of our award-winning team training or doctor coaching programs… And by the end of Q2, you’ll be seeing much different results!

Until next time,


Jay Geier


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