I Have to Admit… I’ve Made a Huge Mistake


I have to admit that I’ve made a mistake. A BIG mistake.

Over fifteen years ago, I discovered a system of answering phones that was truly unlike anything on the market. I developed it and tested it out on a company I worked for at the time–it attracted over 600 new patients in one WEEK. I was able to break a world record using this new system. I realized then and there that training people on phones and helping them understand the importance of new patients was my ultimate mission.

Over the next ten years, I helped thousands upon thousands of offices (literally!) to learn this system–which drastically increased their new patient numbers, increased production, and even helped some grow into million dollar practices. I’m not saying that to brag, but to give you some context. I loved watching these practices completely turn around–watching doctors become more successful than they’d ever dreamed. It was totally addicting. So, I started branching into other areas, doing everything I could to help dentists grow their practices. I now have the largest hygiene training team in the world, a team of hygienists with over a century of combined experience, an enormous staff university in Atlanta, as well as a myriad of other trainings in other important areas….

Ok. Here’s where I made my critical mistake. I neglected to keep PUSHING the importance of phone trainings, which is by far the greatest transformation I’ve discovered for practices. Since I started this business over 15 years ago, tracking telephone calls has become a commodity. Every Tom, Dick and Harry are selling tracking systems. But please hear me say this–simply tracking is NOT what we do! Scheduling is NOT what we do, regardless of our name! We help save doctors hundreds of thousands of WASTED dollars by training their teams on the telephones so they can effectively handle new patient telephone calls, answer the patient’s questions, schedule the patient, and get them in the front door on the day of their appointment! We provide accountability for your team so they can fulfill their potential and increase the value of your business!

You may think you don’t need more new patients, but I’ll tell you this… I have NEVER seen an office receive the telephone training, learn the system, implement the system, get more new patients and not see DRASTIC, incredible results. It just doesn’t happen. Do you know why?

Because new patients are the biggest MISSED moneymaking opportunity in 9 out of 10 practices…. And telephones are the vehicles for getting them!!

I am always telling my team that making mistakes is a good thing. Mistakes come with lessons, and if you never made mistakes, you’d never get the lessons at the end. So here I am, admitting to this big mistake, and this is the lesson I’ve learned…

No matter how many other trainings I develop, and other areas of the practice that I grow, and other high-level coaching programs I offer… I will NEVER AGAIN neglect the importance of phone trainings.

If you are starting to think that maybe you should check it out, I promise you– you won’t regret it. If you are still skeptical, I’d urge you to check out our testimonials. We have THOUSANDS of fans who send us these testimonials every day. They understand that what we do is the real deal, and that there’s nothing else like it on the market… Even 15 years after I created this world-record breaking system!!

Making the decision to call my team and schedule your phone training is the best thing that you can do for the future of your practice and for your personal success. So don’t wait… Call 866-917-2808 now and see what you’ve been missing.

Until next time,


Jay Geier


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