Are You Selling Yourself Short?


Within the past fifteen years I’ve come to realize something very important. A lot of people actually LIMIT themselves from reaching their full success potential… Just because they don’t dare to dream big enough. Maybe they limit themselves to goals that don’t even excite them, just because they don’t know how much they are capable of!

I’ve included some client emails below. If you’d told these doctors five years ago where they’d be today, and what they’d be producing and collecting annually– they NEVER would’ve believed you! But thanks to some big dreams, consistent training, and accountability… We are helping them achieving amazing things.

“We had an incredible March!!!  We finally reached (and exceeded!!) the 200 mark for new patients, with 216 in March.  Our previous record was 186, so we shattered it!  We also had our best collections month ever, at over $485,500, with our previous best being just over $459,000. We also just hired our 3rd Associate and are thinking about a new (larger) building!” -Evergreen Dental Group

“Today I’d like to express my gratitude for the impact that Scheduling Institute has had on our team, practice, lives, and the community. The Scheduling Institute is directly responsible for the tremendous growth that has allowed me to cut back my clinic days from 4 to 2… To work on the vision, direction, and impact of the practice. This has also helped my back, which has taken a beating after 17 years of practicing dentistry.”Yazdani Dental

If you are interested in finding out more about our world-class training or coaching programs and achieving your full success potential, go to and get your FREE Practice Transformation Package today.


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