We’re Officially Approaching our 10,000th Training!! (And Why You Should Care)


I’ve got some big news. This is probably the BIGGEST milestone that my company, the Scheduling Institute, has reached to date.

In May, we will officially complete our 10,000th training. 10,000!!! I know it just looks like a number on the screen, but good grief– think about what that number symbolizes! Think about how many doctors, staff members and families that enormous number of trainings has directly affected. It blows my mind.

When you reach a milestone this monumental, it’s hard not to get nostalgic. I remember the first time we ever held an On-Site Training… Because I was the one that did the training! The doctor had asked me to come to his office and train his team, and I remember thinking, “No way… I don’t want to fly all the way out there and do this!” But I sucked it up, and I did it anyways. And you know what? I realized it was such a GREAT thing–to go into a dental practice and tell them exactly what they could fix to see huge results. So, I decided to build an entire team of people that only did that, and I created a team of highly trained EXPERTS to unleash on the dental industry. That team continues to grow… Now, I have a team of over 52 Certified Training Specialists that help implement my training strategies in practices around the world… So no one has to try and do it all alone! It’s the best possible method for teaching, and that’s why we’ve seen some ridiculously amazing results.

Every single day, I am getting a new email from SOMEONE whose life has been changed by one of our trainings. I know that sounds like a crazy claim, like I’m completely exaggerating, but I’m not. Listen. I am telling you this because we are nearing our 10,000th training and if you haven’t gotten your team trained yet… You are seriously missing out. Just let the number speak for itself! The dental industry is experiencing a patient-centric revolution… Dentists are crafting strategy-driven visions for the future… Practices are getting bigger and better, and the competition is only starting to heat up. We want to help you be at the forefront of this movement!

If you’d like to join the thousands of dentists and orthodontists around the world that trust our training programs and see incredible results, call 866-917-2808. We hope to celebrate your successes with you soon.

Until next time,


Jay Geier


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