Why the Scheduling Institute Does Mystery Calls


You might not know exactly who we are, or the extent of what we do, but chances are you’re familiar with our “infamous” Mystery Calls. These have upset a lot of people (mostly teams) over the years. Would you believe that many people actually HATE surprises, even life changing ones? So, the question is—why the heck would we keep making Mystery Calls if we get so much flak for it?

The first thing to understand is that we ONLY reach out to people who ask for it. Even if they don’t remember, the fact remains the same… If your team got a call, it means that at some point, you filled out a little form (on a website, in a magazine, etc.), giving us your information and letting us know that you were interested in learning more about generating new patients and growing your practice. That is the ONLY way that we get a doctor’s information.

Secondly—and most importantly—we know for a fact that these Mystery Calls are absolutely crucial in helping you reach your full success potential. (We know because we have thousands of case studies to prove it.) We don’t do it to poke fun at you and your team, or because we have some sadistic pleasure in tearing down your pride. In fact, we make Mystery Calls for the exact OPPOSITE reason… Because we believe you have a team of superstars that could be totally excelling at their jobs, scheduling tons of new patients, and producing phenomenal results for your Practice—they just haven’t had the proper training!

“No matter how good you are at marketing, processing and treating patients, you blow it if you mess up on the phones. JAY GETS IT! He taught us how to get patients from the phone, to in the door… Last year our monthly new patient average was 13. Since we’ve been with the Scheduling Institute (4 months) our average has been 23 new patients per month! Last year, our average collections per month was $16,021. In the last four months, we averaged $28,098!”

-Cindy Linden, Office Manager

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… That’s NOT your team’s fault. That’s your fault (even though you aren’t doing it intentionally.) You are holding your own Practice back!

“If there is one thing I could tell anybody considering (the Scheduling Institute) it would be: Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate and don’t delay getting on board… Because every day you wait is another day of lost revenue. You might as well flush your money down the toilet… Thank you, (Jay), for helping a profession in great need.”

-Dr. Joseph Doughty

When we send you your personalized Mystery Call recording in the mail, we’re trying to send you a Reality Check. We’re saying, “This is what’s happening on your phones RIGHT NOW. We aren’t making this up. And you need to be hear for yourself that it could be much, much better.” We analyze your call, assessing five different points that we’ve learned are essential for maximizing new patient phone interactions. We use that assessment to give your team a score of 0 to 5 stars. Most of you have scored—or will score—a 0, 1, or 2 on the first try. And that doesn’t mean we think your team is a failure… It just means they haven’t learned the unique scheduling system yet!

“…thank you for helping me see the light. I now look at every new patient phone call as a personal challenge. Every time I get that one who calls and “is just checking prices” to come in and check us out—I feel triumphant! This program has given me so many more skills to get the patient to the door—it has made me enjoy my job so much more and for that I am sincerely grateful.”

-Michelle Sage, Front Desk staff member

Since we have analyzed and worked with practices around the world for 15+ years, we literally have the largest working lab in the entire dental industry. It’s pretty cool, because we get to notice trends and patterns, and use our data to help YOU grow your practice… But sometimes it’s hard to get your attention, because you think we just want to sell you phony junk and make a ton of money!

That’s why, right now, we’d like to use our Mystery Call analyses to give you a piece of free advice. That’s right—just because we like you! After listening to hundreds of thousands of phone calls from all different practices and crunching the data, we can tell you for a FACT that each practice is MISSING, on average, 34% of all new patient scheduling opportunities.

-13% of these calls are categorized as “not booked”, meaning the front desk staff was unable to book an appointment before the new patient hung up.

-The other 21% (and this is actually shocking) were “stranded” calls. Stranded, as in NO ONE PICKED UP THE PHONE. That means new patients are calling because they’re interested in your practice and they never even get to speak to a human being! Isn’t that crazy?

So, here’s a simple suggestion. If you want to outperform 90% of your competition, all you have to do is pick up the phone. Stop missing calls. For instance, add phone coverage (especially during hours of peak call volume) so your team can capture these missed opportunities.

See?! Without our nifty Mystery Calls we would never have been able to tell you that kind of statistic! We’re doing the detective work and filling you in on everything we learn… So that you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

Just remember… Training your team on how to handle the phones is about a lot more than just “closing the sale”. It’s about creating a memorable first impression for the new patient, getting them excited about coming into your practice, and generating referrals! It is actually a completely patient-centric process, and it will give unquestionably give you a competitive advantage!

If your team learns to answer the phones strategically, we guarantee that your phones will start ringing a whole lot more… And your team will actually have fun answering them!

So, even if you are resistant to this whole idea and aren’t sure that I have any useful knowledge to offer you (which I promise you, I do–) do this for your team. Call 866-917-2808 and join thousands of other doctors who are making the investment in their teams and seeing enormous and literally life-changing results. 

Until next time,


Jay Geier


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