What Does Your Response to Failure Say About You?


Imagine that you’ve won a contest. As your prize, you get to spend an afternoon learning pointers from the richest and most successful doctor in the world. He tells you something he’s learned from personal experience–something he’s been doing for many years. He recommends saying one specific thing to each of your patients.

The next day, you go back to your practice. You decide to test out this new secret on your first patient. You say exactly what he taught you to say… And it doesn’t work.

Well, I’ve got news for you. That’s really not important. Only one thing is.

What do you do next?

Do you try it once and then give up? Or do you tolerate the failure… And keep trying? 

If you’re like most people, you’ve failed at a lot of different things. It’s human. But the unfortunate thing about most people is that they never learn to pick themselves back up. Most people never acquire thick skin. They go their whole lives walking around as flimsy as feathers, with no real, unbreakable resolve. They try something; it doesn’t work. They’re done. And that’s the sad truth.

So, I want to know: what kind of person are you?

Are you the person that can make things happen? Who has figured out how to push past their failures and frustrations to achieve the result they desire no matter what?

Or, are you most people? Someone who can’t make things happen and relies on blame and excuses? Who gets beaten down and defeated by failure?

You can have the perfect plan. You can have all the right moves. You can be the greatest doctor on the planet. But if you can’t tolerate failure, it’s all irrelevant. You will never accomplish your dreams. You’ll quit before you even get close.

A lot of people go their entire lives without realizing that they’ve carried a crippling fear of failure with them ever since the first time they failed. So, let me ask you one last question: what failures are you dragging along with you that are holding you back from your future? It’s time to do some serious self-evaluating. Now. The first month of 2016 is officially over, and Q1 is in full swing. Let go of the failures that are haunting you. Get up, dust yourself off, and get to work.

Call my team at 844-242-1992 and find out how we can help you create an action plan and jumpstart your practice’s path to success. Or, if you don’t feel like chatting, visit us online at www.SchedulingInstitute.com and take our FREE practice assessment to get started. It takes two minutes; it’s totally free, and it could be the turning point in your career. 


Talk to you soon,


Jay Geier


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