The Hard Truth About Being a Patient-centric Practice


Over the past fifteen years that I’ve worked closely with dental practices around the world, I’ve noticed two very important trends that I think might interest you.

  1. The top practices are all switching over to an entirely patient-centric model.
  2. A whole lot of doctors don’t fully understand what it means to be patient-centric.

Trend #1 is important because it will dictate your level of success in this industry. If you expect to stay at the top of your game without switching to this patient-centric model, think again. You have got to make this a top priority if you want to have any hope of being the best practice in your town or heck–even your neighborhood. THAT is how competitive this industry is going to become over the next few years.

Do you want to know why? Because you’re competing with my clients. And they are some of the top, most patient-centric practices in the game.

So, on to #2… Are YOU part of this large group of doctors that doesn’t fully understand the patient-centric practice model?

Let’s break it down. Being patient-centric means truly putting the patient first in every sense of the word. Your patient needs to feel like royalty. You need to base all of your decisions on what is MOST CONVENIENT FOR THE PATIENT…. Even if it is inconvenient for you and your staff. LET ME REPEAT THAT. Being patient-centric means doing what is best and most convenient for the patient, even when it inconveniences you. Yep, it’s not always fun. It’s rarely easy. But I can 100% guarantee you it is the best, most successful practice model out there. Hands down.

One of the biggest issues I see with doctors who THINK they’ve created a patient-centric business is their schedule. So, let’s assess your schedule. If 90% of your patients are a) in school or b) at the office during your practice’s typical hours…. You’ve got a problem. That is NOT a patient-centric model. You need to extend your hours into the evening, and stay open on weekends and some bank holidays.

Dr. Lhota’s practice in NYC is an excellent example of a patient-centric practice that is reaping big rewards. “Our hours are one of the reasons that we’ve grown so fast… Because we are available when no one else is. It’s a commitment to our patients to be there when they need us. The only days we close are Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. We open at 7 a.m. and go until 9 at night. We have a competitive advantage that’s allowing us to stay ahead of the curve,” said Holly, Dr. Lhota’s practice manager.

So, are you willing to do what it takes to make it to the next level? Are you REALLY committed to adopting a patient-centric model and becoming the best practice in your town? If so, you need to go all out on your patient experience. If you need some help, we’ve got a New Patient Experience training that has produced amazing results in practices around the world. Our certified trainers will teach you how to amp up your new patient experience, increase patient engagement, increase your referrals, and become the name on everyone’s lips. Call 844-242-1992 today to sign up or to find out more information.


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