Are You Making the Most of Your Social Media?


It’s official… A social media craze has swept the world. Whether you’re in the United States, Sweden, Russia, or Japan, chances are–you have a personal online presence.(And if you’re in the majority, you check your accounts multiple times per day!)

That’s exactly why it is CRUCIAL that your practice 1) creates and 2) maintains an engaging, interactive, educational and relevant social media presence. I’m talking Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn– you name it!

Don’t worry… You don’t need to be in charge of running all of those accounts! I’m certainly not in charge of all of the Scheduling Institute’s social media! That would be insane… Instead, you should hire a Marketing Professional to not only take on your practice’s marketing endeavors (campaigns, sequences, etc.) but also to handle your online presence. (And don’t limit yourself to social media… Make sure you have a snazzy, modern, updated website as well!! You can have one created for fairly cheap.)

Now that I’ve given you the WHY, let’s talk about the HOW. Here are a few great ways to use the World Wide Web to your advantage:

Social media for SEO (search engine optimization) – This is basically boosting your presence on search engines like Google, Bing, etc. To get to the top of these “lists”– add great content to your site, build up your following, engage with your social media followers, focus on what you do well and become an expert in that field. Get links to your site from other authoritative websites in your space, and work on becoming an authority in your space on social media.

Actively seek out your patients through social media – Depending on your patient base, you may be able to drive patient interest through social media interest. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the more visual platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest are great places to engage your patients and get new ones.

Tell Your Story – Now more than ever, people want to feel a personal connection to where they spend their money. This is GREAT news for smaller, privately owned businesses like dental practices. Build your likability and build a personal connection with your patients by sharing your practice’s journey and your accomplishments. Social networks are a great place for you to really bring your brand alive and create loyal advocates! You should highlight any and all 1) community service done by you and your team, 2) team building days or activiries, 3) patient appreciation events, 4) charitable giving….. You get the idea! Use pictures and funny, clever captions to engage your audience and bring these “likable” features to life!

Don’t forget… You’ve got to make the most of every single opportunity you can get your hands on. If you are neglecting your practice’s Online Presence, I’m telling you… That is a HUGE missed opportunity!!! Now is the time to take action and get in control of your future.


Until next time,


Jay Geier


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