Friday Focus: Your Q1 2016 Assessment


It’s the final week of March, and we’re nearing the end of Q1, which means… It’s time for a critical self-assessment.

But before we jump in, here’s an important memo:

It’s NOT OVER TILL IT’S OVER! Don’t start counting your Q1 losses before the first of April. You’ve still got time! My team has pushed out some of our most amazing Quarters in the final days… You just need to make sure you are motivating and encouraging your team to squeeze out every last drop of their potential! You’ve got to fire them up to really reach amazing results! (Maybe an end of Quarter contest?)

And secondly:

Learn to live in the IN-BETWEEN SPACES. If you end up missing one of your goals for Q1 by a LONG SHOT… Hear me out. It’s OKAY. Seriously! A lot of times, the journey is more exciting and more rewarding than the goal itself. You just need to learn to live in that in-between space–between the beginning of your journey and your ultimate goal. You need to accept that you are making PROGRESS. As long as you are making progress, life is good. Remember that.

Now that we’ve got those out of the way, let’s talk about some other things. I want you to ask yourself a few questions… Were you happy with the progress you made this Quarter? What about your team–what kind of growth did you see in your team members, both personally and professionally?

If you feel like this first Quarter DIDN’T go as well as you’d hoped, you need to make some changes. It’s that simple, but we all tend to complicate it. So, start brainstorming! To help you out, I’ve included a list of ideas that are frequently used by our clients when they need to gear up for a bigger and better Q2.

  • Schedule a telephone training to maximize your new patient numbers.
  • Update staff incentives to align with practice goals.
  • Start sending monthly newsletters to patients.
  • Get active and inactive patient lists cleaned up.
  • Hire a marketing person.
  • Fire someone who should have been fired 6 months ago.
  • Hire someone who should have been hired 6 months ago.
  • Arrange regular staff meetings 
  • Hold morning huddles to get each day started on the right track
  • Set a marketing budget. 

Hopefully these will get your brain working on some new solutions. Remember… Q1 isn’t over yet! You need to maximize Every Single Day until April 1st. And then, when April 1st rolls around… DON’T LOSE MOMENTUM! If you play your cards right, your Q2 can blow Q1 out of the water. Your goal is to get your team SO excited about serving patients that they come into the office with a smile on their faces every single morning.

Call 844-242-1992 today to schedule your team training– guaranteed to boost your new patient numbers (as well as your production and collections!) To find out what other doctors are saying about our in-office trainings, click here.

Rest up this weekend. Get ready to give it your ALL on Monday.

You’ve got this. 


Until next time,



Jay Geier


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