How Your Obsession With “Greener Pastures” is Hurting Your Career


The number of years that you are intentional in all areas will minimize the number of times you look over the fence.

What the heck does that mean? That means if you are highly intentional about setting goals and succeeding in all areas of your life… If you are intentional with your time, your money, your energy, and your resources… Your life will be so ridiculously cool that you won’t need to look over the fence. You won’t even WANT to look over the fence.

In fact, you will have designed everything so perfectly that you’ll already have everything that you want.

For example–and I don’t mean this arrogantly, but I want to provide a bit of insight–I don’t read about celebrities. Ever. Honestly, they don’t interest me. Their LIFESTYLES don’t interest me. Their DRAMA doesn’t interest me.

You know what I know about celebrities? Hollywood has an incredibly high unemployment rate and most celebrities don’t have any appreciating assets. Many of them actually have major complexes about their money because they don’t feel like they earned it. Many of them destroy their lives with alcohol, drugs, and bad relationships. I mean, a lot of Hollywood is actually a very warped place.

Yet people still watch TV shows about celebrities lives… They still obsess over Hollywood’s riches. Why? Because we are a society of voyeurism. We are OBSESSED with “greener pastures.” We have this compelling need to peek over the fence.

Let me tell you something. Every single minute you spend looking at someone else’s life over the fence is another minute you don’t spend WORKING on YOUR life. It’s another minute you let slip away. It’s another minute you aren’t intentional about getting where you want to be. Do you get what I’m saying?

YOU–and you alone– have complete control over where you end up. You have control over your lifestyle.. Your income… Your relationships… Your happiness. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but bear with me for a second…

You get what you deserve.

No–I’m not talking about diseases. I’m not talking about sudden and untimely deaths or tragedies. If you are the kind of person that likes to take things the wrong way– take a deep breath. I’m saying that 99 times out of 100,  people get exactly what they work for. If they put in the preparation and the intention, they get incredible results. And if they put in mediocre effort and mediocre preparation–well, they get mediocre results. So, what do your results say? Are you being INTENTIONAL with your time, energy, and money? Or… Are you busy looking over the fence into greener pastures?

If you’re fed up with mediocre, now is the time to do something about it. Not tomorrow. Not next week. Not a year from now. NOW. Scheduling Institute has won 9 Townie Choice Awards for a REASON. We are the largest dental training and coaching business in the whole industry for a REASON. We were named one of the fastest growing companies in Atlanta for a REASON…

We know what we are doing. It’s that simple. 20 years of experience and thousands of doctors can back me up on that fact… We know what we’re doing. We KNOW how to grow your practice to the next level. We know how to help you achieve incredible results. And we can help you reach a level of success you’ve only dreamed about. Call 844-242-1992 today, and ask about our On-Site Five Star Telephone Training– the single most results-driven training in the dental industry.

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