Get More New Patients NOW


When my team and I analyze practices that are prospering, and we analyze practices that are suffering…. The common denominator is YOU.

You are either the one that takes your practice in a bad location, in a bad economy, with difficult life circumstances, etc, and still builds a successful business, OR… You are the one that has a practice in a great location, with an all-star team, and every opportunity in the world– but your practice is still stagnant or declining. What I’m saying is, it doesn’t have to do with your practice… Your “bad luck”.. Your team…

It’s all about YOU.

Most teams are doing what they were told by the doctor. So when you really dive in and look at team performance, that performance is a mirror image and a direct reflection of the doctor. That’s why the only way we can make an impact in your life or your practice is if we start with YOU.

Let’s start with a quick review. These are the three ways you grow any business:

  1. Increase new customers (in your case, patients)
  2. Increase the frequency of purchase… Which, in your practice, means having a patient come more often/come more times.
  3. Increase the size of the purchases… Which means adding services that people can buy in addition to the basics.

(By the way, there are hundreds of different things that belong under each of these sections… If you become a client, we will go into detail with you on an action plan for all 3. But for now, time is limited. We are just going to focus on number ONE.)

Let’s get started.


I want to talk specifically about the new patient pipeline. Take a look at the illustration below.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 1.48.16 PM

At the beginning is a marketing piece… A referral… Something that gets the new patient’s attention. Then you’ll see the initial point of contact–typically it’s a phone call that the patient makes to your practice.

This is where we reach the threshold… And this piece of the pipeline is SO important. If a patient doesn’t get across the threshold of your door, you have ZERO opportunity with them! So your case presentation could be great… You could offer a ton of unique, high-level services, you could build a relationship with this patient, receive referrals, etc… But you know what? If they drop out of that “pipeline” without making it across the threshold– the moneymaking part of the process is completely lost. The patient is GONE.

The thing is, there are tons of people outside of your door… There’s no shortage of people in your town… It’s just that you can’t get them in the front door!! You are failing the “threshold challenge” because you are only getting 6, 7, 12, 15 patients per month! Why aren’t you getting more new patients? Ask yourself that question.

Now… Here’s the part that’s going to be tough to wrap your head around… And I say that because it’s something that goes on in your practice that is just SO low on your radar… You don’t think it could be preventing HUNDREDS of patients from crossing the threshold into your practice.

It all comes down to your telephones. Think about it. It’s the step directly preceding the threshold in our pipeline… And so many practices don’t realize how CRUCIAL this one step is to their ability to 1) gain new patients and 2) increase their production and collections. We’ve listened to (literally) hundreds of thousands of phone calls, and we hear it time and time again… Your team does not know how to effectively and consistently schedule new patients on the telephones. You might not like hearing it, but it’s the truth. They are butchering these phone calls, time after time.

But this is important:

Is it your team’s fault? Of course not!!! You’ve never invested in training them with the skills they need for success! But that being said, their lack of training on the telephones is currently crippling your practice’s profits and your team member’s personal success! Not only could YOU be making more money… Your team members could be thriving financially and reaching their full potential!!

Scheduling patients on the phone is a precise, highly tested formula. Each phone call needs the perfect greeting. Your team needs to know how to handle all variety of patient questions. They need to know how to take control of the conversation and transition (without “verbal vomit” or long unnecessary chatter.) They need to know how to “close the sale” a.k.a appointment, AND they need to know the appropriate way to get a patient’s contact information. And you know why I can tell you all this without worrying that you’ll be able to recreate exactly what my team and I are doing…? Because honestly–and don’t take offense– you couldn’t if you tried. And I’ve seen TONS of people try. You don’t know the ins and outs of this formula. You definitely don’t know any part of it well enough to TRAIN someone on it. This phone process isn’t something you’ve EVER LEARNED.

You are probably a brilliant dentist. You might even be a decent business man (maybe you learned from someone in your family or are self taught, even though they don’t teach you about running your own business in dental school.) But there’s one thing I can guarantee that you don’t know the first thing about…

And that’s scheduling patients consistently and effectively on the phones! Fixing your new patient pipeline. Succeeding at the threshold challenge and getting more and more new patients actually IN YOUR DOORS so you can provide them excellent care and services.

Look. It is what it is.

I don’t have to skew the data about how practices are handling phone calls… Because the data is all there, and it proves my point a thousand times over. We’ve collected hundreds of thousands of calls. Not a single one (that hadn’t been trained) was handled effectively. Nada. It never happens.

So, there are a few different ways you could react to this information.

  1. Denial. It’s probably the most common. “My office isn’t like that,” or “Judy has been doing this for years.” Ok, but has she ever been trained on how to ACTUALLY schedule patients?
  2. Anger. This is a big waste of time. Listen… Don’t be angry at your team. Don’t be angry at me. You need to take control of your practice and actually do something about this problem. Today.
  3. Passive aggressive response. This is where you feel let down but you never communicate it. You’ll just give your team a look. Or write my company an angry email. This is pretty unproductive for everyone involved. And it still doesn’t FIX anything. You will continue to lose patients week after week, month after month…
  4. Fix it yourself. You think I’ve told you the problem, and you know how to fix it. So you bring in your team member and you try to DIY…. Well, let me just say… You don’t know how to fix it. I mean you can try– I’m not saying this to criticize you, but you can’t be a specialist at everything. I train people on the phones every single day. I don’t try to fix my own teeth–because I know I’d totally screw them up. You need to let experts train your team, and I guarantee… You will see a huge jump in your results.

I invented this process. My team and I have the largest company that does this, the most resources, and the most expertise. The other companies you’ll find that do similar things –and I don’t say this to sound arrogant, but it’s the truth–they’re knock offs. The Scheduling Institute is the original phone training company for dentists and doctors. We want to help your team really reach their potential. We want to develop them into goal-oriented, results-oriented people. We want them to work smarter, NOT harder. And we want YOUR practice to have the chance to drastically increase your production and collections, and to get tons of new patients over that threshold.

So, if you are ready to see a serious transformation and to go full steam ahead into a new financial future, take our 5 Star Challenge. See how your team checks out. Do it for them, and do it for you! It literally takes two minutes and it’s free. You have NOTHING to lose and everything to gain from this opportunity. Go and fill out the basic info, and we will send you a FREE rating that will help you get started on increasing your new patients. It’s that simple. But it’s up to you.


Until next time,


Jay Geier




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