A Letter to the Skeptics


You know the saying, “Don’t knock it till you try it?”

Well, today I want to talk to the skeptics.

I want to let you know that almost every single client I work with started out just like you– as a skeptic. They thought I was a rich, smooth-talking guy who was going to take advantage of them. Most of them actually went to my events expecting to NOT like me… They thought they’d be witnessing a big scam that they could go tell their friends and families about.

But do you know the funny thing? After sitting through just ONE event with me, none of them felt that way any more. In fact, almost all of them decided to give my program a shot. I now have a very close coaching relationship with many of these former skeptics.

They did what so many people don’t have the guts to do. They swallowed their pride, admitted they were wrong about me, and let go of their cynicism. They let their criticism transform into trust… And ever since we’ve started working together, they’ve seen drastic, career-changing results.

“We averaged $60,000 in monthly collections for many years and had completely plateaued. In six months, we now average $99,245 a month. Thanks for completely changing the path of my practice & life!” Dr. Dan West

The truth is, if you are reading this and you’re thinking that my team, my company, and I are a big load of bull-hockey… You are truly in the majority.

You’ve got to understand that it is actually EASIER to be a skeptic. It doesn’t take any risk… It’s stagnant. Boring. You’re playing it “safe”…

But by doing nothing, you are taking the biggest risk of all.

Like I said, my clients have seen and experienced some incredible things since letting go of their skepticism… And their journey is just beginning! In fact, they are witnessing such awesome spikes in new patient numbers, production and collections that they are voluntarily sending me testimonials– letters, emails, photos–by the HUNDREDS. They are more alive and excited about their careers than they’ve ever been.

“We had the clinical skills but we lacked the vision & knowledge to implement sound business principles. But now we’re on track to continue double-digit growth.” –Drs. David and Patti Bradley

This is why I go to work in the morning. This is my calling and my purpose. I read these letters almost every day. These people are so thankful that they decided to let go of their cynicism and give Scheduling Institute a shot… And my team and I are grateful for the chance to work with such phenomenal doctors. We are grateful for the chance to make a difference.

“We doubled our new patients last month. Our goal was 35 and we got 48. On our way to having the team I always wanted and getting our collection goal. I am excited again!” –Dr. Tai Mao

“The Scheduling Institute has been by far my best ROI in the 12+ years I have been practicing and has really simplified business for me and made me a better business man, boss, and person away from the office.” – Dr. Wyn Steckbauer

So, here’s my challenge for you. If you are a skeptic, a cynic, or you just find it difficult to believe that people are who they say they are (maybe you’ve had some bad burns in the past)–then that’s fine. I completely understand.

But give me the chance to prove you wrong.

All it will take is one event. One small investment– a plane ticket or a drive down to Atlanta. I want to give you the passion and excitement for practicing dentistry that you used to have. I want you to see results that will make you celebrate. I want you to be able to take vacations with your family and work shorter weeks and know that your practice is growing and everything is running smoothly.

“What a transformation! Our new patient numbers have gone from 25 to 100, we expanded from 5 to 10 chairs, added employees and our team is fired up.” –Drs. Mark and Rudy Braydich

My Case Presentation Event is happening June 17-18 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. This two day seminar is guaranteed to immediately increase your case acceptance, increase your average revenue per new patient, and increase your profits. This is the third Case Presentation event that I’ve hosted, and it’s going to be the best one yet–filled with guest speakers and easy-to-implement, results-boosting strategies. Last year over 17,000 doctors and staff attended my events, so I can promise you that this event will sell out soon. To register online, go to http://www.jaygeierevents.com/case/.


You can keep doing what you’re doing and getting the results you’re getting…

But if you WANT something different for your life and your career, you’ve got to TRY something different.


Until next time,


Jay Geier


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