20 Strategies for a More Patient-centric Practice


The practice of the future is patient-centric. If you aren’t constantly seeking new ways to create an unforgettable experience for your patients, I’ve got some news for you… You aren’t going to be able to keep up with the competition! Your patients will find a practice that DOES cater to their needs and always puts their convenience first.

That being said, it’s easy to THINK you have a highly patient-centric practice, when you really don’t. So, think about this… Patient-centric practices put the patient first alwaysEven when it’s less convenient for the doctor and the team. Patient-centric practices are open on DAYS (and during HOURS) that are convenient to the patient… Not the doctor and team. Patient-centric practices roll out the red carpet to make every patient that walks in the door feel like royalty!

So, is your practice truly patient-centric? Or do you need to reassess and make some changes?

I asked a few of my clients to send me a list of ways that they like to over-deliver to their patients… Here are 20 ideas that you can implement TOMORROW to improve your patient-centric experience.


  1.  Walk Patients to their Car with an umbrella when it’s raining & gift them with an umbrella
  2.  Conduct a Personal Check-In Call from the Doctor to patients after a big procedure
  3.  Have a Snack and Beverage Center in the waiting room for patients and their waiting guests
  4.  Actively Listen to patients to pick up on opportunities to provide a spontaneous, personal gift – someone on the team can go get and have waiting for the patient after a long procedure
  5.  Complimentary Valet Parking (no tipping allowed)
  6.  Comfort Menu with spa amenities
  7.  Charging Stations and iPads for use in waiting room
  8.  Reserved Parking for VIPs and New Patients
  9.  Be On Time… better yet, if a patient gets there early and you can get started, take them in and don’t let appointments run over unneccessarily
  10.  Send Personal Cards for Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc., signed by the Doctor and the Team
  11.  Gift Cards for Reviews – Starbucks or something similar for anyone who reviews your office on Yelp or Facebook during their appointment
  12.  Personally Call in Prescriptions for patients to their pharmacy during their appointment to have it ready for them to pickup on their way home
  13.  Scrape Icy Windshields Off in the winter right before they’re ready to leave (some offices even offer to start and warm up their cars for them too!)
  14.  Have Lunch Ordered / Delivered for patients coming in during their lunch hour or staying for Same-Day Treatment
  15.  Deliver Cake/Cupcakes to your patients at work (huge referral opportunity!)
  16.  Bring in someone to do Car Washes for your patients during their appointment – offer Auto-Detailing options for your VIP patients
  17.  Have a Babysitter / Kids Corner available for patients with kids that need to get long procedures done
  18.  Offer Taxi / Transportation Service for patients that can’t drive or don’t have transportation (one pediatric office sends a bus to pick kids up for appointments after school!)
  19.  Open the Door for every patient that walks in and out of your office (some offices even wait outside and greet New Patients holding a sign with their name on it to welcome them)
  20.  Say What You’ll Do & Do What You Say – Communication, sincerity and consistency


If you’d like more ideas on how to improve your patient experience, we have a training that’s perfect for you! We will fly a trainer out to your office this month to discuss specific, easy-to-implement strategies that will make your patient experience unforgettable. Call 844-242-1992 today to find out more!


Until next time,


Jay Geier


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