Testimonials: How to Get Them and Where to Use Them


Let’s imagine that you’re on a televised Dental Game Show… You’ve got bright lights in your face, and your heart is racing. You’re on the final question… If you get this right, you pocket $1,000,000!

So… are you ready?

The show host speaks. “What is the MOST efficient marketing resource available to you as a dentist?”

The timer starts. Your brain is spinning. What is it?

Time’s up. Well… what’s your answer?

Testimonials.” Without a doubt, testimonials are your best marketing resource. The truth is, your potential patients don’t want to hear about how great your practice is from YOU… They want to hear it from someone else! They want to hear it from someone in their shoes—a patient. They want to hear it from someone who has nothing to gain, because that’s the kind of information that they can trust.

So, how do you go about getting testimonials from your patients? Well, first of all, you can ask. If you’ve got a few particularly great patients who have been coming to your practice for many years, chances are, they’d be more than happy to write or record a testimonial for you!

Secondly, you can also use the testimonials you’ve already got. You’ve probably received some sort of “thank you” notes from a few of your patients… Maybe for particularly big reconstructive surgeries or from a kid whose smile (and confidence) was changed forever thanks to you and your team. Well, what are you waiting for?? Put these notes somewhere that they can be seen by all of your patients—and by any potential patients that come into your office! Hang them up on a bulletin board or frame them and hang them beside the front desk! I even know one dentist who had an entire scrapbook of thank you notes on a table in his reception area. What a great idea!

Lastly, if you think a little extra nudge would help you beef up your collection of testimonials… Throw a contest! Hold a drawing for (INSERT GREAT PRIZE HERE), and to enter the drawing, each patient has to send you a testimonial.

Ok. Now that you’ve collected some testimonials, where can you use them? Correct answer… EVERYWHERE. You should have a few of your best testimonials on your website or your social media site. You can include a few on your monthly newsletter. You should even include testimonial quotes on your lead marketing (fliers, postcards, magazine ads, etc.) Testimonials are a proven way to positively influence your potential patients, so you should be maximizing this resource!

Below is a testimonial that was sent to my team by a fantastic client of mine. It’s honest, detailed, and mentions specific, positive results. This is an ideal testimonial!! When you are asking your patients for testimonials, tell them that the more details they can provide—the better!! Ambiguous testimonials and reviews are much easier to fake and are much less convincing to potential clients (or, in your case, patients.)

(*Note: When Dr. Scales refers to the “phone call box”, he is referring to our Mystery Call Fed Ex package and our Self Study phone training kit.)

“I’m Douglas Scales. I’m from Fleming Island, FL. I started working with Jay back in 2011. Here’s how it started… My dad was a dentist. I came into the practice, and we had very different philosophies. I worked for another dentist and didn’t learn anything about the business (even though he said he was going to teach me.) When I bought the practice from him, I knew absolutely nothing about how to run it. So, I knew that I was in trouble as far as my profitability… I knew that I needed to do something. And lo and behold, here came one of Jay’s Phone Call Boxes. But since I am a high Fact Finder, and I’m bad at taking action… I just let it collect dust for a few years. Things just kept getting worse until all of the sudden I said, “Something has to change.” So finally, I got the Phone Call box out. I decided to do a trial run of it with my team. We immediately doubled our new patients! I think we had something like 5 new patients per month to start with. But after we started to answer the phone correctly, we’d almost tripled it to 15-20, as I remember. So I said, okay… Jay’s earned my trust. I became a 5X member. It’s been a whirlwind. I’ve made a lot of changes. Last month was my best month ever… And I know that it’s all due to Jay showing me the correct way to do things. He stretches my thinking and I try to implement everything he says, and sometimes I screw it up. But right now we’re on our way to having our best year ever, and I know that next year is going to be fantastic too!”

If you’d like to learn some more results-driven marketing tips, why not sign up for one of our marketing training courses? Call 844-242-1992 today to ask one of my team members for more information!!


Until next time,


Jay Geier


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